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Something has to give

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today was just UGLY. pouring rain and thunder.

I decided to take a bath early today and grossed myself out by taking a good look at my body. It truly has changed and not for the good.

SInce I have started this new thryoid meds, the "girls" feel heavier than before (almost like pregnancy breasts) and the area under them looks like I am on a starvation diet with the bones more prominent than before. My stomach and thighs look so baggy, like cottage cheese thighs.

WHAT IS GOING ON????? I am going to call one of my doctors this week and ask why is my body changing so much and worse I am now gaining weight again even though I am working out more. This is not a muscle weighs more than fat weight gain, this is a true m metabolism is really screwed up weight gain

On my problem yahoogroup, a lady asked me to remove her and when I told her I did, she accused me of removing her because she is diasabled and told me it was against the law to discriminate against her because she is disabled. REALLY???? I have never met this woman before in my life and now she is threatening legal action against me. All this because she could not remember her password and refused to ask yahoo for it.
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