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Happily Maintaining 1 year 7 months: Ordering Tortilla Soup without Tortillas!

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today I am happy. I am celebrating one year and seven months of maintenance. AND I am actually enjoying my life of maintenance! I will keep these 112 pounds off for good.

I really had to smile at my poor co-workers who still consider me crazy for the way that I eat. So in front of 25 people at a Mexican restaurant I ordered Tortilla Soup without the tortillas and cheese. Who orders tortilla soup without the tortillas? I do as it gives me a lovely chicken soup with avocados and cilantro.

I am still marching to my own tune and often alone in my actions. This is simply who I am now and what I do to stay healthy.

I re-read my one year maintenance blog. Am I using the same tools to maintain?
1.Yes I am still wearing my neon pink workout shoes and have added another bright pair..and plan on getting a new bright pair for my two year anniversary.

2. I continue to drink my favorite flavored coffee as a treat after exercising.

3.i don't need my coal miner light to walk as thank goodness spring is here.

4.I continue to make lunches ahead for the week in my flowered bag.

5.My rainbow closet of clothes still fit me. However, I have ended my wild clothes buying spree that I initially went on a year ago.

6. I still love my laptop and Spark..still track food and fitness.

7.My recipe files keep growing and I have continued to find wonderful new meals.

8.I am a daily weigher and still do so.

9.I still have water bottles and workout clothes in the back of my car!

10. I was accepted by the National Weight Control Registry and was posted as a success story.

In the last 7 months I am proud of continuing my developed habits of maintenance.
I have not binged in 2 years and 7 months.
I have not gone more than one day without exercise.
I have toned my arms so that now I will wear short sleeve shirts, something I could not do a year ago.

The things that I have learned in the last seven months of maintenance:
You will have times when your scale will go up, even if you are eating healthfully. You might go up from sodium retention or higher fat foods or muscle gain. or the unknown reason. As noted in previous blogs, this can be uncomfortable and you can slip into irrational fears of feeling fat..despite your clothes fitting you. You might even go through what Annieoii calls a cycle of complacency where you know you should work on up pounds, but might not do so immediately.
This is the time when support is critical. Although I do not like these periods, posting about them really helped me get back to figuring out solutions. This is a time when you also need to be very compassionate towards yourself and to be resilient.

I found myself in these last 7 months staying in the upper range of my goal. I knew that I have steadily been increasing weights and levels for two years in cardio and in strength training.
I decided to have the trainer at my gym do a pinch test for my BMI.

In the last two years(including my year and one half of maintenance) I have lost 6 pounds of fat. My lean body mass decreased to 21 percent which is optimal for a woman my age. My BMI dropped a percent to 23 percent which is in the normal category. My trainer said I have definitely gained muscle.

So I decided to increase my goal weight by two pounds and continue to strength train and workout. I was great helped in this decision by a blog by Mandelovich who introduced me to the concept of achievable weight and maintainable weight by Beck.

There is a side fo me that liked being in the low twenties and even fitting size 4. However, wearing size 6 is fine and I think the value of exercise and strength training is important.

The other thing I have really learned in these last months is the value of support. Many many thanks to Spark friends, old and new who have supported me. It has helped me stabilize emotionally on this journey. I learn from all of you.

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