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Sunday Peace, not.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh it's a horrible day. I'm actually typing this at church, I'm supposed to be doing something else, but I'm so tired and frustrated and ready to eat 21 pieces of candy.

Our church lasts 3 hours (yes, three). The first meeting is most like a traditional church service with families sitting together. Second hour is Sunday School (where I'm at right now, I'm supposed to be helping people work on their Family History (I teach the class)), last hour breaks into classes like Sunday School, but gender specific. I go to the children's group and play piano for them instead.

Today my husband isn't here. He had to work. Leaving me with 3 kids during the first hour. I had to leave the meeting THREE times to deal with misbehaving children. THREE times. They know better, but were SERIOUSLY pushing the boundaries without dad around. So frustrated by the end I was close to tears and shaking. Wanted to just leave. A perceptive woman gave me a hug and it was difficult to hold back the tears. I'll be fine by the end of the meetings. The kids are in their group and I get a break.

Which brings me to the candy....20 pieces of one of my favorite candies (Riesen) are sitting in my bag. Why? Well I put together a small, cute pail with the candy as a thank you for some people who have helped us out recently. One of them didn't come to church and now I have candy in my bag.

I seriously want to cram all 20 pieces in my face. Seriously.

I won't, but only because I am typing this instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

Message what you gotta do to keep from doing something really stupid. Like eating 20 pieces of candy.
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