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A new perspective

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I am pleasantly surprised at the new perspective I have experienced from writing my last blog.

I wrote about my body's reactions to food. They are a part of my life that I don’t often share...but they have always loomed large in my head. I have carried this around for years like a large ball of SECRET ISSUES front and center when it comes to losing weight.

I have told myself that I am not like others, and that I cannot always stick to a reducing diet for that reason. I get ‘symptoms’ when others don’t. I have to be more careful of what I eat, and sometimes I have to eat something just to feel well. It is really difficult for me to lose weight.

All of that is true.

But, having written down a description of my symptoms, and having told the whole tale, I found -- a sense of relief, surprisingly.

My ‘condition’ became smaller. After putting it all in writing, I was able to stand back and look at it in a more objective way. It became less the GIANT FOOD PROBLEM in my head and more a simple statement of how things are.

I feel better able to approach this issue dispassionately and in a problem-solving way.

I am thinking now of ways to stay within my calorie limits by including more foods that make me feel better – rather than foods that are ‘recommended.’ I can stop feeling guilty about eating those good fat foods (nuts, avocado, olive oil). I just have to be careful to eat them in smaller portions.

Also, having written about my reaction to high-sugar foods, it is now easier to resist them. Truly, the pleasure of their taste has to be diminished by the knowledge of their harmful effects on me. It makes it easier to limit them to occasional special events.

When I think about it, I am fortunate to have a body that responds negatively to foods that potentially could lead to health issues. (I believe Kren, one of the responders to my blog mentioned that.)

Furthermore, from the responses to my blog, I learned that others share some of my symptoms. (Look at that -- I am not so strange and unusual after all.)

So, my new perspective is this: my body’s reaction to foods is no longer an excuse for not being able to lose weight or to ‘stick to a diet.’ (There will be no more reducing diets for me.)

Rather, I will use it as a FRAMEWORK that I can operate within to design a permanent eating plan that will:
1) help me stabilize my weight in a healthy range and
2) maintain my good health and sense of well-being.

I will come up with my own customized plan for eating that will work best for me.

Duh!! And why have I not done this before? That's a good question!

Thank you Spark People -- for getting me to focus on me and my issues so I can begin to resolve them! Writing blogs helps!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I SO agree...blogging is VERY therapeutic! I use it as a written form of therapy..much cheaper too! emoticon I think we need to get the things rattling around in our heads OUT...and into the world where they can be exposed for all their silliness..I have lots and lots of SILLY on some days! It all seems so large and looming roaming around my synapses...but once out in the light of day becomes the nit picking energy wasting little annoyance that it truly is! emoticon Aha...moment! emoticon
    1818 days ago
    1821 days ago
    It is really great when you succeed in controlling the health problems. It's empowering and you know that you are preventing further damage to your body.
    1822 days ago
    Good Luck!

    The best advice I ever got was to find what works best for me and stick with that! I take pieces of everything I learn and use them!

    emoticon Hugs, Lizzie
    1822 days ago
  • DEBRA0818
    It's funny how our bodies express wisdom that it takes our minds a little while (or a lotta while) to apprehend. Eating whole, fresh foods in a balanced way seems to be a winner for most of us, but if you have special needs, there's even more of an incentive to go in that direction.

    1822 days ago
    It takes work to listen to our bodies and pay attention. And let's face it, we humans always look for the "easy way out" even if it doesn't work! Then it takes us awhile to admit it doesn't work and get on with the business of listening and paying attention! So, I think we all have those aha moments when we just ask ourselves why we hadn't done it earlier! I know **I** have!

    I have type 2 diabetes and honestly, now, I haven't been healthier in many, many years! Same thing . . . I'm listening and paying attention to my body.

    HUGS keep up the good work.
    1823 days ago
    Sometimes I'm glad I'm gluten intolerant. It keeps me away from donuts and pastries and other things that are not good for me anyway. We people brought cakes in for birthdays and such, I just said "no thanks - I'm gluten intolerant" and nobody argued with that.

    The more you know about yourself, the easier your weight-loss journey will be.
    1823 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    I believe you have a plan that is going to work for you. emoticon
    1823 days ago
  • DAISY443
    It's amazing what actually writing down your thoughts can lead to! Very insightful! Good for you!
    1823 days ago
    Understanding what works for you, personally, that is different than the standard advice is an important achievement. You need to avoid high-glycemic foods. I need more protein than the standard recommendation, but can't eat low carb. We're all experiments of one.
    1823 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    Sometimes it takes us forever to see that which is under our noses - I have much experience with that DUH moment myself. But the good part is that, once we get it, we've GOT it! emoticon
    1823 days ago
    Excellent FRAMEWORK - here's to finding what works for you!
    1823 days ago
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