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Saturday, April 27, 2013

I knew it when I woke up. I hate waking up early to an alarm on days when I don't have to work. But something was pressing me to get up and go run this 5k. I've known this thing was coming up for over a year. Last year the whole family did it together and it was a disaster! My kids HATE running. But DH was doing the 10k and I just knew the kids and I could pull off the 5k. Well, to my utter disappointment, about a mile and a half into the thing, the kids decided they just wouldn't try at all. I'd gotten to about the 2.5 mark and realized I could no longer hear or see them behind me, so I better wait for them to catch up. I know what you're thinking but at the time they were 9 and 10, with cell phones. Plus there was another family of four running with us. I knew they were safe and could contact me if needed. Still, I didn't feel comfortable leaving them so far behind. So being a good mommy I waited. And waited. And waited. By now I knew my race time was irrelevant. I had to find my babies. Ultimately I did an about face and walked backward on the race course encountering quizzical looks from other runners. I finally caught up with the kids who were crying real tears as if they were in the worst physical torment of their lives. Now, mommy feels bad. So I just hold their hands and walk the rest of the course.
We're nearing the finish line when we hear daddy and his buddy runner getting close. Even though they did the 10k and we were doing the 5k, they're about to pass us. This is devastating to me but it is what it is. I have kids and they come first. Daddy races across the finish line and what do you know? This prompts the kids to have a burst of energy and run on in too! Who's left as the last person to cross the finish line? Yours truly. LAST. And I mean LAST. Behind people with strollers, people in their really, really, senior years, people who are carrying tons of extra baggage in the form of weight, and even a couple people with developmental disabilities. I'm more than encouraged and excited to see all these different people participating in the race, but I don't want them to beat me, do I? No WAY. Too bad. They DID. I'm crushed.
So I had to redeem myself. Even though I hadn't pre-registered, and I haven't officially trained (besides my normal cardio and ST during the week), I just knew I had to go to THIS race and have a do-over. I left the kids cozy in their beds and headed out at 6am to reclaim my pride. Guess what? I did. And while I've always been a speed walker/sometimes slow jogger/strong runner on the comfy treadmill, I set out to run this outdoor 5k. The whole thing. No stops. No pauses. No walking. Just run. Me? Yes, me. And I did it! In 37 minutes. Do you know I wore that race bib for like half the day? To the kids' school for an event. During volunteer work. Running errands. Eventually DH says "why are you still wearing that thing?" I guess he didn't understand what it meant to me. It wasn't my first race, but it was the one that mattered!!!
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