Are You Doing Well Overall, But Not Losing Weight?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ouch! Yep me too; have to apply some extra effort to that problem.

It's okay to take a break but when it becomes more than a break . . . it becomes slippery ground that might turn into a dangerous downward slide. Don't linger on the slippery slope.

I haven't gained but I need to resume exercising . . . that is, exercising MORE than I already am. Whatever we're doing is good, but we need to INCREASE it if your BMI is not healthy, if you feel physically and mentally unwell.

I am still getting good steps in everyday, which is critical, and massive steps in on work days at my piddly pay job; but there have been several times in the last few weeks when my strength (upper, lower, and core) were noticably not what they should be.

As always, babysteps work for me. Dave Ramsey, FlyLady, SparkPeople, and many others all recommend baby steps for a reason: BECAUSE THEY WORK. I started by not using any furniture when watching TV. Instead, I lay on the floor and do leg lifts, supermans, swimming, bicycling, etc., when watching the weather and my favorite show. When I get tired of doing them all, I start over again.

I have foot and joint issues so I can't run. At least not at this weight. And I have alot of metal in one leg. But something I can do that I need to do, is add fast walking / speed walking / trotting / wogging to my walking, in bursts. That REALLY moves the weight off of me.

I've removed a corn, bought new shoe inserts, then bought new shoes, and right now I have the last part of plantars fasciitus (PF) I'm getting rid of through all of those combined efforts over time; so I have to be really careful until my heel is fully healed; and after PF is gone I still have joint issues so have to keep it low impact and do it carefully. (I don't have those problems doing floor exercises while watching TV, LOL. Lesson: look for the stuff you CAN do presently.)

I ordered some turmeric I was out of, when I ordered my xylitol and SinuFix, as turmeric really helps for inflammation and in the past has helped my PF.

But for those of us who can walk, you can always (gently) SPEED UP your walking.

On a personal note, I took my vitamins last night at work, which include EFAs and D3 and many other things, a bunch of stuff, and instead of coming home exhausted, I came home and did 3 hours work on the computer. And instead of waking up and still being tired this morning, I woke up and (gasp) wanted to get out of bed. Also, my hands were stiff but no pain. Also, mental fog and emotional ultra-sensitivity has lifted as of this morning; I had forgotten what it feels like to feel normal.

Today is April 27, 2013. I pledge from this day forward to TAKE MY VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS EVERY DAY, consistently, faithfully, and GRATEFULLY, and to do so like a MATURE adult.

Note: "Like a MATURE adult" means no whining, griping, *itching, complaining about how much I hate swallowing pills. Maybe I'll say "thank you Jesus" outloud instead, before each swallow, to correct my attitude and help me become grateful.

What things do you already KNOW work for you, that you've stopped doing? What babysteps can you incorporate to help yourself get back on track to doing those things?

For me, laying on the floor doing leg lifts was an "easy" thing, instead of sitting in furniture while watching TV. What is an "easy" place to start for you? Can you drink more water? Take the supplements that work for you? Practice gratitude outloud? Go for a walk? Walk faster for short bursts of time during that walk (intervals)? Make a big salad on your day off and keep it in the fridge? Perhaps pre-fill some lunch containers with salad instead of leaving it in a huge bowl? I made a humongous salad last Monday, and have been putting tuna salad on top, chicken breast on top, steak on top, etc.

Another thing that used to work for me, and I don't understand, is eating popcorn. Maybe because of the fiber? In the olden days I used store-bought microwaved bags, bought on sale with a coupon, but now thanks to Monsanto and GMOs, it's on my list to buy a bag of organic popcorn kernals. I'll make it with coconut oil and put it in brown paper bags.

What things have you stopped doing, that work for you?

Go back for a moment, and remember: picture in your mind and re-live as much as you can, what your daily like life when you were losing weight before. What you were doing/how were you living when you felt better physically and mentally before? How is that different from your daily life today? What baby step can you start today, to get back there? As you will it, so shall it be.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The things that seem to help me the most. Getting outside a lot seems to be the best medicine for me. Walking. Gardening. Going to the lake. Avoiding negative people and stress. Getting enough sleep.
    1847 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Carol, I'm assuming you are staying with No S? If you are, and I think you practice it on weekends as well, I guess movement is where the focus needs to be. Unless your meals have a high ratio of dense foods in them.

    Research keeps showing that smaller plates help, too. That reminds me, I need to go to a thrift store. Lately, I broke two luncheon plates (garage sale finds) I had been using. I need to replace them.
    1848 days ago
    I needed this blog! And the verse from Zechariah really jumped out at me. I've read it before, I'm sure. but it never clicked with me until I saw this version/paraphrase.

    And I've been lax taking my vitamins - it has been hit or miss. Thanks for the reminder. I've also been very foggy - maybe consistent vitamin taking would help. I also think consistent exercise would help me. I've been getting some, but not enough. Sometimes I have just needed sleep more. But if we get a plan in place for my Dad and my husband improving, I'm hoping I can get into something more consistent.
    1849 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/28/2013 11:33:45 AM
  • TERRY0217
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! My trainer keeps telling me to keep a food journal to be able to see what you'reveating throughout the day...have you tried a fruit smoothie for a snack? Fruit, ascoop of protein powder yogurt and milk is a great hunger buster.
    Keep up the positive attitude!
    1849 days ago
    Have you tried coconut oil for your pain? I have found that it helps keep it down with my arthritis and makes it a little easier on walking, I have arthritis in my left ankle and also have not fat on the bottoms of my feet with makes it hard to walk without shoes on all the time.
    1850 days ago
    Great blog!

    Thank you for reminding me and nudging me about being faithful in taking my vitamins. We can embrace this challenge together. It is hard for me to swallow, too, even if I break or bite them into smaller pieces, but it is POSSIBLE and I need to JUST DO IT!!! We can do it, and cheer each other on.
    1850 days ago
    While popcorn does have a teeny bit of fiber, I am suspecting that the reason it works is that it takes up a lot of space for not too much actual food. Thus you feel full, even when it is mostly air.
    1850 days ago
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