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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yesterday I ended up with more than 15,000 steps for the day. After my almost 5k, I was at more than 7000 before my second breakfast. Plus I did some balcony gardening around lunchtime, so I ended up around 10,000 at lunch. Then, after dinner, the kids asked to go out for a walk, so we did. When we came back inside I was at just over 13,000.

Obviously I was wearing a step tracker or I wouldn't have known any of this. Since I was at 13,000 I had to see what I would get on my other websites for 15,000 steps. I have a fitbit, so I am registered to that account. For 5,000, 10,000 and any increment of 5,000 steps you get a virtual badge. (Btw, you can find me there under the same username and picture.) I got my first 15,000 badge yesterday! Pacing the kitchen got me there at the end of the day.

I also am working toward a shirt and water bottle through this website called You get points for any steps over 5000 for the day and can log in activities for points from climbing stairs to regular housework to taking walks to any standard exercises. After so many points, you can earn prizes. Have a friend group and you can earn points for them too! For 15,000 steps I got 50 points!

For 15,000 steps I was active enough for an extra 400 calories for the day, and that's just for walking instead of sitting around. Imagine if I had done harder work, how many calories would that have been? I didn't include the lifting I did for my gardening, so I probably burned more calories for that too!

Every step counts! What are you making yours count toward?
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Today's holidays: National Tell a Story Day, World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, Morse Code Day, Babe Ruth Day and Prime Rib Day. Perhaps you could tell a story in Morse Code about Babe Ruth after doing some Tai Chi to get your blood flowing? Top it off with a good dinner of Prime Rib and you've got all the day's holiday's set!
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