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My mind is like a whirling dervish.......

Saturday, April 27, 2013

.....too bad my body is more like a turtle!! I have never been diagnosed with ADD but I think I know how my son and husband feel. I cannot focus on one thing for longer than 2 minutes! Bridal shower today, baptism tomorrow. Planning and prep for both of those finally done. Rehearsal dinner invites, menu, etc. coming up. Arrangements for family from out of town and scheduling all that needs to be done before then. Vacation at lake the following week. We've never done this before so trying to make arrangements and think of all that needs to be ready (especially since it's right after the wedding and some family will still be here for a couple of days!) OK, in addition to this, my "regular" stressors and things that need to be done that are not getting done. I think I look at the big picture, get overwhelmed and do something totally not meaningful (browse the internet, anyone?) I am having a terrible time organizing and prioritizing my lists. That is not like me at all. Age?? emoticon
I am definitely back on track with exercise though!! YAY!! The eating is improving also and I am staying in calorie allotment (middle or low). YAY! I am feeling better physically which may help my mindset (eventually). I'm tracking both and I know that if I keep at it it will get easier and more routine for me.
I have started reading The Four Day Win by Martha Beck. I have always liked her writing and her life philosophy. This book is VERY interesting and what she says makes sense. It's a lot of what we hear on Spark---love yourself at every weight. She goes into a little more depth regarding training the brain and offers exercises to help you shift your perceptions. It makes so much sense to me. Right now I'm reading through to get the jist and will then go back and do exercises, etc. (She encourages this). I will let you know how it goes. It's fine to read the book and agree with what you read but the follow through can be a killer. emoticon
Has anyone else read this book?? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.
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    I will get back to you about Martha Beck - 'cause she's my guru.
    1803 days ago

    I will get back to you about Martha Beck - 'cause she's my guru.
    1803 days ago
    No time for reading here. I'm pretty much brain dead. By the time I have a moment to read it's bedtime and I fall into a stupor.

    It was not that long ago that I was mourning that my son would be the perpetual bachelor but after hearing about all the events in your life I'm not so sure now. LOL. I am not good with social occasions like that and my hubby is worse. We are the people at events that pretend to be deaf mutes or we are sure to offend someone.

    I need to find some book to help me but I can't imagine what it would be. Something to do with the elderly and dementia comes to mind.

    1818 days ago
    It's definitely not age, Beth, you have a TON going on. Heck, I was exhausted just reading everything you have to do right now. I'm so impressed that you have this much going on and are on track with food and exercise - that's a huge accomplishment! Good luck with all your activities and I hope you're able to regroup during your vacation!
    1819 days ago
    I hope you get your stress level down. I can't image having to do all that you have do in the next couple of weeks. I hope you can get some time to unwind in the midst of that activity. I am glad you are exercising and keeping within the calorie range. Take care.
    1820 days ago
    Our son brought home the book years ago," Don't sweat the small stuff"
    As it happens I very rarely sweat at all in real life so it took a while to get the gist of it.

    NOW I just do what I want to do because doing something I do not want to do is not even worth considering any more. Just maybe the AGE part is right. We can do anything we set our minds to so long as we remember to set the clock first.
    Remember to always breathe deeply before you speak it helps oxygenate the brain so there is enough outgoing air to get things off your chest.
    This will be an amazing month for you and your family.

    Go with the flow, keep smiling and DO NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF.
    HUGS and much love, to you my very dear Spark Friend. Pat in Maine.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1820 days ago
    No, I have not, but your friend Scooter gave you some great advice.
    Don't try to do everything.
    I struggle with that ADD thing as well- not sure how I managed a classroom all those years!
    If you can do 2 things on your list in the morning and 2 in the aft you will chip away at your list. Anything you can delegate?
    1820 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    Haven't read it, but next time I'm at the library, which, knowing me, could well be in a few hours I'll look for it. Books are my Internet although the Internet is also my Internet, which is probably why my house looks the way it does. *shrug*

    Plus, as the good Spark Buddy I am, I can diagnose you at a distance, for free: you are what is technically referred to as "frazzled." This complex set of symptoms, including lack of focus, inability to prioritize except at a panic rate, and frantic, fuzzy thinking is the result of trying to do seventeen things at one time. Try cutting back to three or four, and see if that helps. (And be glad you're not a man - most of them can't even deal with two things simultaneously without experiencing the onset of this unpleasant condition.)

    I used to be a chronic sufferer, until I realized that all you can do is give it your best shot. As long as the baby and the priest show up, the baptism will be fine. For the bridal shower, as long as the bride and the food are there, a few friends are bound to remember and the rest is a gimme. Any errors can be ignored - and will probably be laughed about later. Don't sweat the small stuff.

    And now that you have the eating and exercising (both of which help clear your head) that's two fewer things to worry about.

    Focus on the vacation....spring at the lake... emoticon

    (And here's a helpful hint: if you do forget something crucial, just look blankly at your accuser and say something like, "Hors D'oeuvers? What hors d'oeuvers? Weren't *you* supposed to bring them?" then smile and melt into the crowd. At worst, you'll be referred to as "poor Beth" for a few weeks.) emoticon
    1821 days ago

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