5 Stone Cold She Beast Truths Some May Not Want to Hear

Friday, April 26, 2013

1. If you "wait on the weight" to start living, you lose a helluva lot of your life and miss a helluva lot of great experiences you will never get back. Don't avoid those reunions and get togethers because of your size. You cheat yourself and you cheat others out of the glory of YOU.

2. If you can't list 10 positives about yourself then you:
Have way too few redeeming qualities and need to work on yourself from the inside (rare)
Your self-esteem is way too low and you need to work on yourself from the inside (common)

3. Happiness won't come just because you hit a certain number on the scale or fit into a certain dress size. These things bring happy moments, but do NOT make YOU happy in your general life.

4. If you ate the whole darn thing, you ate the whole darn thing. It's done. It's history. Move on and do better. Overindulgence does NOT mean you failed completely so you may as well go on ahead and polish off that quart of double fudge ripple ice cream in the freezer. It means you screwed up. You stepped in crap. Admit your foot is stinking, even if you only admit it to yourself. Clean it off and move on.

5. "You are worth it'' is NOT just a saying. It is a truth. Learn your worth. Your value does NOT come from others, nor is it dependant upon what others say or think. Do NOT give others the power to determine your worth. You are the President of the Bank of You and the only customer. You and only you know how much treasure is in the vault.

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