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Mmmm--real food is SO good!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hi everyone! Finally, we're back from our trip for Jonathan's graduation. We had THE best time with my family! 700 miles sure are a LONG way away--and it seems further, the older I get! One FUN thing is that my mom and I both qualified for a phone upgrade [I'm on my parent's plan, and my husband had always had company cell phones, but now we have to share until he finds another job], and I now am the proud owner of a iphone 4 for $.99--OH YEAH! emoticon It's SO fun texting my mom. I texted her to see if she was up yet, since I didn't want to wake her this morning, and I waited to hear back about 1 1/2 hrs. later to call. Then I texted to see if she was back from her lunch so I could call her about something, and she said she was just laying down for a nap and would text me when she woke up. I've NEVER had texting, and I had the OLD flip phone, so this is REALLY fun!

Okay, now for an update. I did pretty good on vacation, but then on the way home, we stopped for pizza [to visit our college boys at UWSTOUT] and I had some pizza [white flour] but other than that, I've gone almost 4 weeks without refined products--white sugar, flour, pasta and rice.

My exercise has been VERY sparse since falling. I hope to get back to things tomorrow.

My newest healthy eating goals are introducing coconut oil, raw honey, and real salt.

I'm using the Certified Organic, Ultra-Clean, Supreme Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil


And this is a GREAT article on the health benefits of coconut oil:

And another:

Raw honey: Here is an article on raw honey benefits:

But I'm actually going to buy mine from a Mennonite community and it's a pretty good price @ $32 a gallon.

And Redmond's Real Salt:

I made the BEST bread today! First I decided that if I'm using any white flour, I'm using Montana Wheat's white natural:

since it's chemical and GMO-free, and I can get 50# bags at the Mennonite community. BUT I didn't put any white flour in my bread today. I used freshly ground Wheat Montana Prairie Gold wheatberries, real salt, coconut oil, honey [yeast, etc.] and it was SO GOOD! I'm so very excited! DELICIOUS!

I ALSO made the coconut oil chocolate! Here is the recipe:
I did however use raw sugar cane juice instead of honey or maple syrup. It's DELICIOUS and my 7 year old really likes it too!

And tonight I made my pizza with mostly freshly ground whole wheat, and 2 cups of Natural White. I loaded it with carrot, cauliflower, red, yellow and orange peppers, mushrooms and black olives w/mozzarella cheese! Oh, my goodness! DELISH!

So, the theme of my blog! It's GREAT to eat REAL FOOD! emoticon

Love you all!

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