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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hi everyone. This is Max. Luckily I don't have to report on my health but once a year. Anyway, Mom put me in the hunter green pet taxi today and she and Daddy took me to see Dr. Gail, who I affectionately call the " stabby lady." I yowled, I mean sang real loud all the way there. I made sounds even I didn't know I could make. Maybe I should sing opera? But once I got there I was as quiet as, dare I say it, a mouse. Mommy put me on the scale and I weighed 9.47 pounds. I lost a pound since last April and Dr. Gail said that was good. She gave me my shots, and I didn't even move or make a sound. She then trimmed my claws, and I was good for that. Mommy couldn't believe how well behaved I was. Dr. Gail even gave me a treat!

Mommy had warned the staff that I am a biter, but I was an angel. When Dr. Gail found out Mommy gives me catnip she told Mommy to take me off it and get rid of the catnip filled toys as well. She explained that since catnip is a drug, it can make me aggressive and even see things that aren't really there. (I think that's called a hallucination) So I am now off the good stuff. I never rolled in it, only ate it. Maybe I'll stop biting Mommy now. I never bit Daddy though. I don't know why.

Well, I'm going to go lay down now. My tummy is a little upset from the medicine. I'm rather low key now like humans get after some medicine. I'm sure I'll be myself tomorrow .And yes, I "sang" all the way home for Mommy and Daddy. I just had a birthday on April 23 and I am now 3 years old! Happy Birthday to me!

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