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Friday, April 26, 2013

For the past several days since my birthday it's been a complete roller coaster with my health. My ulcer was bad for 4 days and I was bed ridden with the pain. I had side effects from the pain medication (which I am still having) and basically I have just been covered in a blanket of miserable for the past week. I'm ready for it to be over!

In the midst of it all, I had a job interview. I made it through without so much of a grimace of pain. All TWO hours of the interview. It's for a local doctor with three offices who wants to bring in a new office manager, as his is retiring. It was a great interview and I was SO hopeful that this was the job that God has wanted for me ..... but 2 days later and I am still waiting to hear back. They have yet to call my references.

Since being put on bedrest for the past week, I have been unable to do water aerobics. And I miss it SO much! I plan to get back into the swing of things on Monday evening. I got a new bathing suit for my birthday and haven't been able to use it!

Food has been super bland and most definitely under calorie level for the day. White rice. Plain noodles. Oatmeal. A little plain chicken and fish. But my stomach is getting better so I can add in veggies and fruit and go back to whole grains next week. I need to stay away from anything spicy as a rule. This time to falling back to old habits once I am feeling better!

I've been reading a lot. Christian novels, crime/mysteries, sappy romance. Only good thing about bed rest! lol Too much television for sure. Smash, Hannibal, Grey's, The Following, Bates Motel, The Voice, Bones, and Hoarders lol.

Well I hope and pray everyone is doing well! Have a blessed weekend :)


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