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Say "NO NO" to "YO YO" Dieting!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

So, like many of you out there, I have done every yo yo diet under the sun. Everyone wants the quick fix. Ever notice the amount of diet commercials that you see in the month of January? All of them trying to get your attention, so you can start on your New Year's resolution to lose weight.

Over the last 20 years I have lost 30 pounds 5 times!! One might say I'm a successful dieter. I was. Every time I made a conscious effort to lose weight, I did it. However, my real claim to fame, is how quickly I gained it back all those times. I was a champion at it!! I would put that weight back on so fast your head would spin!! So fast, that I barely had time to get used to the new clothes that I bought.

What type of diets did I try, you say?......let me give you a quick little recap. Let's take a trip down my diet memory lane.

1. Nutri-system - at 25 years old, I was tired of the weight I gained in college and was ready to shed the pounds. Nutri-system was all the rage. Since it was still fairly new, it cost me a small fortune. Back then they charged you an initial fee based on the weight you had to lose. Which for me was $500. Then I paid $72 a week for food. I did this for 5 months. I did not exercise. All I did was eat the food they gave me. They actually had a hamburger that would grow and come alive when you poured hot water on it. It was like a brown sponge. Anyway, after 5 months, ta da!!! I lost 30 pounds. Right after this I moved away and did not have a nutrisystem close by. I immediately started to gain the weight back. In 6 months, ta da!!! The 30 pounds were back. So for a mere $2,000, I was thin for about 2 months!!

2. Slimfast - at 27 years old I was getting married and, of course, wanted to look good for my wedding. So for the months leading up to my wedding, I drank those delicious slimfast shakes. Between the stress of my upcoming nuptials and the fact that I was famished most of the time, I was a real life bridezilla!!! I started gaining the weight back on my honeymoon. But at least I got to chew my meals again!!!

3. Prescription diet pills - at 30 years old, after having my son, I wanted to lose, yes, you guessed it, 30 pounds. Someone suggested that I ask my doctor about prescribing diet pills. OMG, a drug that suppresses your appetite? Bring it on!!! I took these pills for 5 months. I barely ate anything while taking these pills. It was great!! So what if I was having heart palipatations and my toes were blue from lack of circulation. Who cares, I was skinny!! Once people started suing the drug company, I thought it was time to kick the diet drug habit.

4. Weight Watchers - now, I'm not going to say anything bad about weight watchers. Frankly, I think it's a good program. It teaches you to eat right. I lost my usual 30 pounds on weight watchers by counting points. But after reaching my goal, I quit WW rather than continuing to go meetings and going on the maintenance plan. These 30 pounds came back slower than the others. Probably because I lost them the right way. However, they did come back.

5. Life style change - fast forward to 2012. I am now at my heaviest. I'm on the phone with my mom. We were talking about my dad and she mentions I am the same age my dad was when he had a massive heart attack. (46 years old). I said, "what, he was only 46?" I pictured him older back then. After hanging up with her, I began to panic. Heart problems run in my family. My dad's heart attack at 46 and my dad's mom, who died of a massive heart attack at 50. I realized that I was heading down the same path. I do not have any health issues or high blood pressure, but it could be just a matter of time before I do. I sprang into action. I decided that I needed to make a change. A permanent change! I started eating right and exercising. Exercise....that was the one component that was missing from my other weight loss attempts. I can't believe what I was missing all these years!! I love exercising!! I broke the 30 pound weight loss barrier. I've lost 43 pounds so far! My plan is to lose more. My plan is also to watch what I eat and exercise for the rest of my life.

The best part of my life style change is the fact that I did it on my own! No pills, no shakes, no prepared foods. Just little old me! Getting littler every day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your account of your dieting history is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this and congratulations on all of your hard work! You are truly an inspiration!
    1839 days ago
    Great summary of what is so wrong with "dieting". I love the new positive attitude and focus on healthy and sustainable living!
    1840 days ago
    Wow, you weren't kidding when you said our stories were similar! We may have used some different programs to lose weight in the past (and I personally think Weight Watchers is the best one out there as well), but our yo-yo histories and ability to regain at lightning speed are nearly identical. Looking back at my Weight Watchers experience, I think the piece that was missing for me was that I didn't feel like there was much support in maintenance. I don't think there was ever another maintainer in my groups apart from the leader and I didn't have anywhere to turn when I started to backslide--I just kept sliding and sliding and then just left. By the time I woke up and rejoined, I was usually heavier than where I had started the previous time. It took six failed efforts at weight loss until all the pieces finally came together for me. I realized that quick losses only led to quick regain and that I needed to follow a diet and exercise plan that I can more or less live with forever rather than burning myself out.

    Thanks for reaching out to me and for your really nice comments on my blog. My full name is Kristina, but almost everyone calls me Tina so, yes, we have that in common as well (in addition to being Zumba obsessed--it breaks my heart that it hasn't really made it over to Italy yet). I've added you as a friend as well and hope that we can keep in touch. Congratulations on everything you've accomplished--you really look fantastic and I'm sure you feel even better!
    1840 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this blog. I hope this will be the last time you ever have to say I lost thirty pounds. I have lost my first fifty and would like to get fifty more but then I never want to go back. I wish you only the greatest success in your lifestyle hange.
    1852 days ago
  • ANGGEL40
    emoticon I also have been there, tried them all..just quick fixes and some of them don't work..you are doing the right thing..continue to eat right and exercise and those pounds will melt away! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1853 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I have done all of those diets as well and have lost and regained my entire life. This last time I have seriously added exercise to my life and have stayed away from sugar. It is working one and a half years later.

    You have done a wonderful job of losing on your own and adding exercise to your life. You sound happy and ready to be healthy.

    emoticon emoticon
    1853 days ago
    emoticon job on the weight loss and healthier lifestyle! I had to laugh because I've either tried the diets you mentioned, knew someone that had or have heard of them. It's sad what lengths we'll go to just to be thin...not healthy, just thin.

    It's great that we are all here learning just the opposite. How to be healthy, not just thin!
    1854 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2013 7:03:29 PM
  • ASH72461
    it means so much more when you do it without cheater helpers emoticon
    1854 days ago
    Wow, what an inspiration you are - I too have lost and gained 30lbs wayyy tooo many times to count. I too have never been able to keep it off tho. I lost 30 when i joined spark and put 25lbs right back on - so am just starting over again. I too am trying to add more activity in my life - but still have a long way to go.

    The fact you beat the 30lb barrier is sooooo wonderful - (can we be buddies?) - I would like to say I beat that barrier too some day. Hugsss
    1854 days ago
  • PJ2222
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1854 days ago
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