Friday, April 26, 2013


My first instinct was to call in sick to work so I can deal with all the non-work nonsense going on right now, but my guilt at not really being sick overwhelmed me. Considering that it's actually my Friday before a three day weekend, that would look pretty darn suspicious, though! Tomorrow I'm supposedly going to Scarborough Faire, and my dress still isn't done! My friend is very kindly working on it since she doesn't have work or class today, and I'm outrageously thankful. However, the weather forecast is now saying scattered thunderstorms through tomorrow rather than just today, so I'm afraid it's going to get rained out! Tromping through mud is one thing, but thunder and buckets of rain pouring down on your while trumping through the mud is something quite different. Hopefully the weather is more forgiving than the forecasts or everyone would be willing to go Sunday instead.

Anywho, yesterday was my first attempt at getting back on the wagon. Stress on attempt. I was going to eat 330 calories of spicy tuna roll sushi I got from the grocery store, but after three pieces it was so disgusting I had to through it away and spend a few hours controlling the upchuck reflex. I ate about 6 oz of lean turkey instead with a bit of brown gravy, and I can only estimate (which I haven't) how many calories that was. My supervisor was keen to do sushi for our lunch break, and I ended up being so hungry I ate four rolls by myself! Even though the only other thing I had for the day was a cup of coffee with a minimal amount of cream and sugar, I'm convinced I went over (but hopefully not by too much).

Today will be a lot better! Since I'm not running late I can have more control over what I eat (not grocery store sushi! Not ever again), and only pick thinks I absolutely know what the calorie count is.

With all that in mind, I'm feeling absolutely scatterbrained in the wake of my Scarborough trip. On top of watching the weather and kind of maybe making alternate plans for that, I have to remember to actually go buy my ticket, some bug spray, get in touch with the people who said they were still going and work out ride situations (why does everyone of us drive a coupe?!), all on top of going to work tonight, getting off at midnight, and being ready to go in a hopefully finished dress around seven thirty the next morning (weather permitting!). Ugh! That's a little too much to be whizzing around my head on a Friday when I'm also trying to eat healthy, stay on top of laundry, etc etc etc. It's just one of those days, I suppose.

Hopefully my fellow faire goers will take a shine to the going Sunday idea, and that will free my mind of a lot of these crazy issues, haha.

Today marks my being with my current company for six whole months! It definitely doesn't feel that long. I just put my paperwork in to take the certification test that, if I will pass, will give me a substantial raise. And on top of that I should have two weeks of PTO magically appear on my scheduling page! I've heard of some people's not showing up for a good long while, but that's not an option! For the past year I've been planning to spend the first week of June with my dear sister in Michigan for her birthday, and the cut-off for putting that request in is closing fast! Hopefully, though, all these changes mean positive progress at work. This is the first time I've ever had the possibility of making a genuine career out of what I do and that's kind of exciting! Haha and I love how I write this now considering I started this blog off talking about how I wanted to call in sick without really being ill. :P

Other than that I really don't have anything else to say. I'm forcing myself to make sure and blog frequently to get back into the habit whether I've got something on my mind or not. Hopefully getting back into the routine of being active on Spark will make some of those other successful habits start coming back.

Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful Friday so far!
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