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Friday, April 26, 2013

8:27 AM 4/26/2013
Hi all ..
Well my days seem to rush by now .. we are doing so much .. I have a new Great Grandson as most know and he is so precious .. Brooke and Justin came down
and brought him to meet me.. I will soon be moving where I can spend time with him... My Mom died on Feb 9th.. It was her desire to meet him .. However
she is rejoicing .. I can only pray she gazes down at him... So many think we are angels when we die not so .. Scripture tells us different .. However ..
I know either way as far as seeing him .. she will one day .. I ask myself how anyone could abort their baby .. I am not Judging as this country and
others seem to make it ok .. but it is not ... God said I knew you before you were born .. So to me that is life .. but I wont go there this am as I feel
God is leading me this way ... last night was so special .. I got the privilege of leading 2 to the lord .. I do what I do always and anyone can
only be around me for a few minutes and they know who I love .. and Kial y and my granddaughter Amber came in and wanted to talk so .. I said ok .. They
wanted to ask questions I get that a lot .. so we sat and went thur alot of different topics from the rapture and to revelations to James so on .. and Kial y
said to me how do you know if you are saved .. I said well first when you have a best friend for instance like Amber you cant wait to see her .. You want
to tell her everything and you want to spend time with her right she said yes .. I said ok that is how it is with God .. I cant wait to spend time with him
I spend a lot of my first of my day talking to him and all day .. sharing .. listening .. I cant wait to tell about his love and who he is and how Jesus died
for me .. I love him so much .. I want to read his word and share it .. is that how you feel .. she said no .. I said then Kail y lets ask him to change that
lets ask him to let you know you are saved .. so then my granddaughter starts to tell me of dreams she has been having .. she gets up and we are all gone ..
I said Amber what do you get from that .. she says that you guys went and I stayed .. I said ok that is a warning .. so lets ask God to come into your
heart .. so we prayed and asked God into our hearts .. They were so full of questions I have to say .. it was a awesome night .. I have a feeling that they
are telling so many about Jesus today .. My Grandson Tyler and his dad went to a mens thing last night .. he was so excited this morning ... Got new shirts
I wish I could remember what they said I was so tired was around 12 am they came in .. but it was about Jesus .. I love God .. he is so awesome how he works
my daughter ran up to help with the new baby .. He is so cute .. We know God is moving us .. we know it is for his purpose .. it is hard for me it is out
of my comfort zone ... but I have decided .. I will follow Jesus no matter what .. Where he leads I will follow .. Not my Will but his .. oh how I love him .
I hope and pray for each of you that you know him .. that he is your best friend .. don't run from him run to him .. If we look at the world we see Evil ..
but God is here we just have to look around .. he has his army here also .. I pray I never miss a chance to tell of him or his great love .. He did not make
hell for us he made it for satan and his minions .. I pray the men and women of God wake up and get hot and on Fire for Jesus .. I want to stay hot .. if
you don't know Jesus it is so easy .. so simple .. Just ask him in your heart and learn to listen he will talk to you to .. God loves you and so do I .. have
a great day and Smile make someones day .. its the little things that count ! love Betty
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