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Being A Friend To Myself

Friday, April 26, 2013

Negative thoughts...if an alleged buddy said them me I would not think of them as much of a friend. Negative self-talk is just as bad. "I knew I'd fail" if someone said that to me I sure wouldn't like it. But I say it to myself all the time. Negative self-talk turns into damaging self-fulfilling prophecy. It is not what I would call good friend talk. I need to be more of a friend to myself. I need to treat myself like I am my best friend. My self-esteem needs that to grow strong and healthy. I need to build myself up not tear myself down.

I have been doing plenty of good things for over a year and a half now. I have cut way back on eating fast food. I cook most of my owen meals. When I do go out I make healthier choices on what I eat. I eat the smallest hamburger instead of the huge double cheese burger dripping with mayo. I have gone from large fries to a small serving, dipping them in mustard instead of ranch dressing. And some times I just have the salad with no dressing, I like the taste of lettuce. I am making healthy choices on what I eat.

I no longer sit all day watching the world go by, I get up and walk. I bought a pocket pedometer and most days get over 10,000 steps in. This week end I am going to walk my friends dog and play fetch for hours. I ride my exercise bike every day for 30 minutes. I work out with weight 3 times a week. I am not a couch potato I am an athlete, and growing stronger every day. I am doing a pretty decent job on getting healthier.

I have done these things and many others to get myself healthy and strong. I am doing a good job, I have gone from a size 20 to a size 10/12. I have gone from weighing 205 to weighing 174 (gained 3 pounds this last month but will have those off soon). My body is starting to look pretty good, double chin is gone, buns thighs, and tummy are smaller. But I am not going to stop here I am going to keep up the good work I am going all the way to my goal weight of 135.

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