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Fresh Air and Pondering Thoughts

Thursday, April 25, 2013

emoticon emoticon Weather is a funny thing -- the sun doesn't always shine for us on those important days, like a day when you plan on hiking! And the rain doesn't always come when it is needed so badly in the garden you've planted. But regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us, we need to appreciate the fact that there is some good in all of it, it just may not always agree with our plans.

Since being in the mountains for the summer I find I have more energy to get out and do yard work. I love spending an hour or two blowing and raking up the dead oak leaves that flutter to the ground. And there is certainly job security, for if you do it today, a new supply will be thee for you tomorrow! And when the leaves have all fallen, as they eventually will, then it will be the flower/pollen that begins to fall to the ground. It's meant to give me motivation and energize me into spending more time outside - soaking up Vitamin D.

The one big drawback of being up here is there is no large grocery chain near us, the nearest store is 30 miles away. Long drive for lettuce, tomatoes, fresh fruit and all the other fresh products I love to eat. It is a time to be creative with my meal plans and a time to learn substitution. You might wonder why I don't have a large garden filled with the fresh produce. I tried that and found I'm not a very good gardener. I can grow asparagus, corn, and strawberries and apples. So we have lots of those items and must plan our shopping for the rest.

My dog loves it up here and spends a good part of the day laying on the cool cement or laying on the porch. And when 5:00 or 6:00 rolls around she is eager to go for a walk with me. It's a time to discover what type of floral bouquet we will bring home with us. The lilacs are just finishing up -- some type of blue flowers are plentiful along the roadside, sorry I don't know their name. But they last well as cut flowers so there is a nice little bouquet in my bathroom. Our own lilies and roses will be in bloom soon, but they are so pretty outside I don't always cut them to bring them in. Besides, by then the sweetpeas will be in bloom, and they are favorites.

Between the gardening and the walking I stay in good shape during the summer, and there are no restaurants to distract me. So hurray for summers!
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