I am back and I will get back on track.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hi all my wonderful friends of Sparkpeople. Over the last year I have had so many changes in my life which I have used as excuses to neglect my weight and my health. I am so angry with myself for sliding back to where I was three years ago its just sick to think about it. I had really done well with the Atkins Diet, staying away from carbs is critical for me because I am a carb loving person with no self control unless I go full force into a diet. I went off of Atkins when I broke my bone in my shoulder. I said, well maybe after two years very few carbs its time take a break. Big mistake, soon I found myself back to actually eating donuts, bread, potatoes and all the junk that goes with messing up on a diet. I have gotten to the point that I dont want to look in the mirror at this hugh beast I have become. Soon my clothes will not fit me and I refuse to purchase more clothing because of my stupidity so after seeing my Sparkpeople newsletter I said, I need them back, I learned so much with SparksPeople and met so many nice people who are supportive and I need that. I know my husband says, dont worry I love u just the way u are, but when he says that I know that means he has noticed the weight gain. So I am back and want to be more active again, I need the support and all the wonderful features of SparksPeople. emoticon
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