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Ugh what a day...and its not over yet.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

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What a day what a day. I can't believe things have gone so wrong sigh.
I woke up to arguing from two family members, I know things can't ALWAYS be right, but ugh what a way to wake up.....especially after having nightmares which meant sleeping poorly in the first place.
I also woke up later than I expected which meant I was running late. We have the CO visiting and its fs every morning. I dressed and got my bag ready only to receive a phone call from the bank needing dh and I in asap to sign a document......oh my, why now? Needless to say, dh didn't have spare time this afternoon which meant I simply HAD TO go in right then or risk another 2 week delay on the project....so there went meeting fs evaporated into thin air.

Bank issue went off "relatively" smoothly but I was too late to get back to the group or find where they were working etc. That being said, I went to the mall to meet someone who owed me money and offered to link up at the mall in the next few minutes. I arrived and didn't see the person? Sent them a text msg only to get back "oh my word, sorry change of plans...will only be able to give the money to you later today"......grrrr because although my town is small, its still inconvenient to go across town, pay for parking space etc for nothing. Also its stinking hot today 31C (87F) in autumn is that crazy or what? It's like full blown summer all over again.

While waiting for the elusive debt payer, I got a text msg from watsap to upgrade. The last time I didn't accept, watsap deleted and it was such an issue getting everything fixed up. So this time, I accepted and attempted the upgrade. After about 20 minutes it said it could not upload and I got two choices...one I can't remember anymore and "OK." So I hit ok, because of the two, that made more sense. WRONG!!!!
It deleted my original watsap program.......OH PLEASE. So a trip to MTN to have that fixed up which took another hour and their office aircon was barely on so I was blazing hot, and irritable and as you know, those two issues just don't go well together. emoticon

I got home to find that my son had made me LOVELY salad for lunch. Great, except I have had such an appetite-less day and the salad looked awful....shame I sound so horrid. Thing is, he heard me rave about the chicken and roasted red pepper salad I ate while on course and chose to surprise me with that...but used angel fish in place of chicken and added some low fat mozzarella cheese.....believe me it wasn't the same. I added balsamic vinegar as a dressing and ate it WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE while listening to him prattle about an up and coming gig...what else could I do? emoticon You'd think my kid is 3 not 30 emoticon

Lastly I phoned the Tree&Parks Dept to have them remove a tree which sits plum in the middle of the verge and it has grown so large that we can no longer see oncoming traffic past it. To see traffic, we have to pull almost completely into the road which either obstructs peak hour traffic or causes accidents as it did with my sister and neighbor recently.
The view from inside the vehicle.

The view of where my car is when we can finally see beyond the tree.

The man from the dept, according to the receptionist, would call me before coming out.....then just came out unannounced, so I missed him. I called the office and what a rude man. He literally said "I can't possibly phone every person I am supposed to go and see!" I said I understood, but that is what I was told on the phone by his receptionist and as I don't work for their dept, how was I to know? His response was "Well, you got told wrong, and I am not going out again as we are very busy, so you can email your pictures and complaints to the office. I don't have time for this nonsense!" WOW!!!
I have taken the pictures, and I will be emailing them through to the head of dept and I will be attaching a letter of how incompetent and rude his staff are. I also am attaching as a file a voice message. Our phone is a company phone and records all calls. His boss can listen to how rude his staff are. Its crazy. Where are the days when clients were ALL THAT and HAD to be show respect? Today it seems anything goes.

So now.....I need to calm down. Its been a lousy day all round but the good news is, I am not comfort eating at all. To the contrary, I am so not interested in food at all today - so far, lets hope it stays that way. Mind you I wont leave it to chance, I am going to make sure I don't comfort eat.

Oh well, can't change what is, at least tomorrow morning will be boot camp and I cant knock this horrid day to kingdom come.

Some good news...I just got an invite to a magic duo singing team Petronel and Voldi . They will be singing at an amazing venue too....sheer therapy.

At 07:00pm the irrepressible duo will be in cabaret on Friday night 26 April, presenting their first winter show at the garden venue, a unique rustic eatery.

The 2 will be singing some light classical songs as well as traditional operetta and operatic fare, classic ballads will be intermingled with some favorite jazz standards including Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennet. The audience is invited to dress formal or wear "anything you like". The cost of tickets is R140 per person and it includes a wholesome soup, hot bread, cheese and chillies. Fortunately I will be sponsored by my son...two free tickets YAY. I will have to make sure that I eat well through the day so I can afford the calories of the food they will be serving. The great thing about this particular eatery is that they grow all their own foods which means its all organic.

Gosh just remembering that I have this fabulous outing tomorrow already cheered me up emoticon

Now I have to run, because once again I've been asked to go to the mall...lol....this time its for a nice surprise. I will only know once I get there what it is.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a day! Sorry to hear about all the unsettling things happening at once. Well, you ended with a great thought about a lovely evening out which, I hope for your sake, is enough to keep you upbeat despite everything else. Big hug! Simone
    1851 days ago
    All I can say is wow!
    1851 days ago
    emoticon hang in there.
    1851 days ago
    emoticon tomorrow will be better
    1851 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1851 days ago
    Poor Celeste. You'll ahve a much better day tomorrow.
    1851 days ago
    Oh my, I love that venue where you will be going for the music! Would LOVE to come with you..but alas, the distance prevents such fun.

    Sorry for the multitude of upsets today...some days just go that way and all we can do is the best we can to endure. I hope you get good results from the complaints to the rude and unhelpful folks who are supposed to be serving the community. A note to the local newspaper might wake up some of them, too.

    Hope your evening surprise is wonderful. Sending you much love and emoticon
    1851 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Good thing today ends on a positive note. AND you have things to look forward too! MWA Hugs!
    1852 days ago
    Yikes! What a rotten day (except for that nice salad, that is - and I'm not a salad fan for the most part)!

    Too bad you couldn't have told your arguing family members to "take it outside" - literally or figuratively ....... perhaps that would have shut that matter down quickly!

    As to Mr. Rude - good for you to complain..........with all the pleasant and competent people LOOKING FOR WORK for a LONG TIME - that bozo has no - I mean NO - right to pull an attitude on you! After all, don't taxpayers such as yourself pay that bozo's salary? Hope he ends up on the unemployment line ASAP!


    Enjoy your outing - that should pick your spirits up in no time!
    1852 days ago
  • GINA180847
    There are lots of days like this. Never all good or all bad just busy, busy. That outing tomorrow sounds great. I am looking forward to a computer class tomorrow, your outing beats mine by a mile.
    1852 days ago
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