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Three Coincidences

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Every so often, my employer sponsors various morale boosters and one such event occurred yesterday - our annual Spring Fling Breakfast. I arrived, excited to get my day off to a great start with some free coffee, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit.

What WAS offered was wall-to-wall bread. Bagels. Muffins. Pastries. Donuts. Cinnamon Rolls. Coffee Cake. There were even Cookies and Brownies on the table. I'm really bummed I forgot to take a photo of this breakfast. I don't think anybody would have seen more carbs in any one place in their lifetime. Anyway, there was not a single thing offered that I could eat on the table and feel good about.

My solution? Eat everything and feel bad about it. At least I got my coffee.

I was totally caught off guard by yesterday's breakfast, as my current employer seems to be pretty on top of things when it comes to employee health and wellness. For example, I have an off-site meeting with lunch included that I have to attend on Monday. As part of the registration process, they asked about dietary restrictions, and I noted I would like a gluten-free option. I was contacted by the meeting coordinator within one week, where she walked me through the menu and helped me select a meal. Awesome. We also have a gym on-site, access to health coaching, and pretty good benefits.

So I don't know why I specifically expected fruit and eggs yesterday, but I did expect SOME kind of attention to be given to those with diverse nutritional needs. What about vegans? Nut allergies? And how can my employer stand behind offering a ton of sugar at 8:30 in the morning? Wondering if anybody was able to get any work done during their post sugar crash... On top of that, there was so much food left over, and the bagels continued to call to me throughout the day from the breakroom.

Enter Coincidence 1 - yesterday also happened to be the Kick-Off meeting for our first ever workplace Health and Wellness committee. I had indicated interest in participating last week when I first heard about it, and set my mind to going after the breakfast fiasco. I wanted to share that maybe this particular committee should be involved in menu planning for workplace parties like the Spring Fling breakfast, perhaps even take responsibility for labeling food items with some nutrition and allergen information in the future. BUT I chickened out - for this particular meeting, anyway. I didn't want to be a killjoy right out of the gate. Next time I see a workplace party on the calendar, I'll raise it to the committee to suggest our involvement.

Anyway, this committee meeting lead to Coincidence 2 - someone suggested we start a running club on site, and I immediately volunteered to help him lead the group. I chatted with him a few minutes after the meeting to introduce myself - we work in different areas of the company - and we set up some time to develop some club guidelines next week. Work ended for the day, and I grudgingly stuck with my plan to go running outdoors in the park near my house - I wanted to take advantage of my last opportunity for a run before AOR, but I was still feeling ill from the morning's bagel binge. Still, I'm glad I laced up - at about mile 2.5 in the park, I ran right past my new running club co-captain:

I'd like to point out - Not a bad pace for carrying an extra 5 lbs of bagels and cookies.

It's funny because this park is not too far from where I live, and isn't really very close to work, so he must live somewhere nearby as well. He was running in the other direction and looked as intense about his run as I probably did, so it would have been an awkward time to stop and strike up a conversation. I'll have to ask him about it during our meeting next Tuesday.

Coincidence 3 - I swallowed not one, but TWO bugs while running. I guess that's not really coincidental to anything. Just disgusting. FYI, the SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker does not list any information for bugs.

BTW - I won't be posting here for the next two days because I'll be running from Gettysburg to Washington DC - but I do have scheduled posts on my WordPress site. Plus more information about the American Odyssey Relay if you are interested!


You can also follow my relay team's progress on Twitter:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    DMEYER4 - Mozarella sticks with raspberry sauce? Now that's a combination I have not heard of before! Congrats on going for a healthier (but satisfying!) meal!

    BEJOYFULL - thanks for the positive feedback! I was proud of an idea I shared to start a Health and Wellness library on site. I am sure everyone in the office has books/DVDs/etc. that are collecting dust that they'd be willing to donate and exchange for new educational material. I thought of it since I've been waiting so long to get the Wheat Belly book and am always looking for stuff to read. So that's another project we'll be working on.

    1827 days ago
    With all the twists and turns in your experiences, your last coincidence had me laughing. You have a way with humor.

    Although this write up is about many things, Coincidence 1 seems to have struck me. You have within you the get up and go to stand up for positive change. And I think you have excellent ideas. In retrospect, it may be that in speaking your point of view, you may be speaking for others who feel the same way you do about nutrition. I admire your perseverance.

    emoticon Keep running for the joy it brings you.

    1827 days ago
    maybe you can suggest healthier options for the next breakfast. Yesterday my boss was buying lunch for administrative assistants day. she ordered a buffalo chicken salad with ranch dressing. I ordered a six inch turkey sub w/lettuce and tomato no cheese. I am proud of myself for my healthier choice. My down fall is normally fried mozzarella sticks appetizer w/ raspberry sauce but I did not even order them. I am proud of your run and don't beat yourself up for the bagels. Today is another day. Have a great one.
    1827 days ago
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