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Taming the MORE Monster - Tales from #100 Pounds Down

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vestiges of our former life can still be found on the journey to "Health & Fitness". One of these is the MORE monster. I'm sure most of you have met this demanding creature. He's the reason why most of us began this journey in "Obesity".

Let me describe this creature so you can identify him before he puts you into a detour. The MORE monster was born into entitlement. He cons you by suggesting you "deserve" more. Everyone else is having "more" so you should too. He lays waste the most thought out food plan by pushing the food bowl, chip bag, pizza box, or candy bucket closer to you after you have eaten the last bite of your "planned" snack/meal.

Let me give you a few examples. You carefully plan your lunch to include one slice of whole wheat bread (90 calories) 2 ounces of deli turkey (50) , mustard (0) a handful of raw carrots (30) and 10 tortilla chips (140). Because you buy the big bag (they are cheaper than the portioned individuals) when you eat your last chip the MORE monster strikes. If you left the bag within reach your hand is tempted to get "just one more". Of course that one easily becomes 5 or 6 and soon you have added another 70-80 calories to your meal.

Perhaps you are sitting down to a family meal with the serving bowls on the table. Even if you portioned out your helpings the MORE monster will entice you to take a "little bit" more as the bowl is passed.

The MORE monster can attack anytime, anywhere. You might be getting a single peppermint from the office candy jar when the ogre convinces you to grab a handful and shove them into your pocket. You might be at a movie and find the MORE monster pushing the popcorn bucket your way. You might EVEN be in bed when the MORE monster tempts you to walk back to the kitchen and snag a spoonful of ice cream directly from the carton.

Oh he's a sneaky one! He's always ready to push MORE food on you. He doesn't respect any food tracker or point system. He just wants to get MORE food past your pearly whites and settled onto your hips and thighs.

Why is it so hard to banish this sneaky guy? It's hard because we have to continue to eat in social situations (church buffets, family meals, birthday parties, etc) and because media is constantly enticing us with "2 for $20", coupons for free appetizers, BOGO offers and 1/2 price holiday candy. Everywhere we turn the MORE monster is saying EAT!

He can be defeated with careful planning, accountability, a strong support system, and a frontal attack but even the most experienced traveler on this journey will meet him somewhere. I met him today. I was eating RICE cakes of all things when the MORE monster convinced me that it was a "health food" after all and I ended up eating an extra 2! Now fortunately for me they were low in calories but they WEREN'T in my plan and furthermore that behavior was something I THOUGHT I had left behind months ago.

It just goes to show that the mental attitudes I USED to have are not 100% gone. I must be ever vigilant to eat within my calorie budget. Too much of even a healthier food is still TOO MUCH.

I'm taking action now. I'm planning my food for tomorrow now. All the MORE monster has to offer is making my journey take MORE time. I've worked too hard to get this far!

Hoping your tomorrow has LESS!

Press On!
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