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Ill and venting

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It sucks. And not fair, and I know its childish but I dont care right ths moment. Its been like 6 months of illness/falling and health issues. I know I have great times husbandsgreat but today I am just tired. I started curves last fall, I fall, and start to get back to work out again. January, I get ill, and I end up canceling curves in February. I was paying for several months and I physically could not excersice. Not just illness, but my asthma flairing up big time due to first the flu. Then asthma aftr flu that predistone took care of. oh yay. March comes around and I am finally feeling a bit better, I get the bike out and the next day I fall on work property. I hurt my knee and hand, both right side. So off work for a couple days, ER visit, DR visit, return work following Monday then ON WEDNESDAY 1 week after fall. I re-injur same right thumb. Back to ER. More exrays. Give it a few days it will be better. Anther week. DR. Exrays. Told no fractures. But why does my hand still hurt, and my knee and whine whine I know. Then specialist for knee. at home walking thereapy, PT setup now. DR sends to hand specialist, and in less then 5 minutes with me showing issue/mobilty/lack off - and he can zoom in on exray to show wrist fracture. Yay. At least its explained.
So 1 month after fall I get a splint for the hand. It has helped. Know PT yet, so checking on it and oh, dr thought you just wanted at home PT. Duh. No. I needed PT and I also wanted at home things to do. Which I had been doing and have helped, but I work on 5TH FLOOR AND NEED TO WALK DOWN IN FIREALARM SITUATUANS. I can't do that atm. I could before I fell. Anyways. That gets cleared up all but for something else.
Last monday I had a little sore throat, I was joking with co - workers about being ill. Tuesday I had to call in, couldn't talk, breath, asthma, coughing, major cold issues.
Wednesday 50 % better, went to work. A little stuffy and tired but handled it. Wednesday night after work started to gurgle. I have been off since last Wednesday at this point. On friday DR heard gurgle, says I sure have a lot of noise (in lungs) put on Zpac. I asked when to see DR if not better. He said couple days. Well Duh. Anyways I went back to DR on Monday. My gurgleing/weezing breathing had settled into a more silent asthma/weeze but not audibly popping and snappling just sitting still but I couldnt change the clothes from washer/to dryer let alone fold the clothes because I could not catch my breath. Anyways, DR on Monday gave me Predistone. Now I have been on it before for lung issues, 24-48 hours and its cleared up enough to work. Not THIS TIME. Of course not. I can see improvement, small but there. I switched the laundry and even though weezing/short breath could do it all almost at one time and very slowly. I had to sit down after and rest to catch my breath. (switch of laundry, 3 minutes normally, 10 minutes maybe a bit longer today) I am also about to start reducing predisone. I call Dr, he said he will recomend to a allergist?!?@! I hope he ment asthma dr and to reduce the predisone. I am allready on inhalers, I have albutural nebulizer - this is not responding like normal astham, I get none to little change in breating using the nebulizer at this point. I have predisone and zpac on board. I am just so frustrated that I am sick again and I know my husband would listen to me rant but he shouldnt have to darn it.
Anyway. There is my rant for the day. I think I feel a little better, at least for now.
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