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Legs and Shoulders Week

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Woooooooooo, I am SORE, you guys! It's awesome. I might always remember this week as the week my legs and shoulders just kept taking beatings.

Legs- Sunday- HIIT squats. Monday- 150 walking lunges. Tuesday- heavy squat day at CrossFit. Today- wall balls.

Shoulders: Sunday- heavy rows. Tuesday- Tabata push presses and Tabata handstand holds. Today- wall balls and wall ball situps.

Today was really fun at CrossFit. The workout was:

21-15-9 reps of

Wall ball situps
Wall balls

This was one of those workouts where you look at it and go, oh, that doesn't look so bad. And it wouldn't have been, maybe- if my shoulders weren't already toast! The first set of wall ball situps was great! I thought "This is so much fun! I feel so BA! I'm like ROCKY! ADRIAAAAAAAAAN!" But after the wall balls, on the second set of wall ball situps, my shoulders started screaming. The trick is, you have to chuck the ball hard enough at the wall so it bounces back at you and you can catch it without having to lean forward and retrieve it (which both messes up your form and wastes time). It was super fun though. I really hope wall ball situps make a regular appearance at my CrossFit.

Tomorrow I am taking a REST DAY and it's gonna be AWESOME emoticon

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