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THANK YOU!! Updated Cheer Bully

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First of all I want to thank each and everyone of you for your honesty. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

I found the email to "Tammy". It took some hunting, but as I didn't even know who she was I found her and I apologized to her personally explaining that it WAS in fact on my Facebook Page and although the comment was meant humorously I could see where it would be offensive (thank you Sparkies for showing me that) I think, that, perhaps what was weighing on me the most. Something I said offended someone (I'm soooo like the dinosaur on Toy Story and just 'can't handle confrontations!!' )

Now, as for the owner, John. That was probably the other reason it took so long to write that apology. I didn't want to do it because of him and that nasty-gram he sent. But in the end I thought "I'm apologizing to her because I feel bad about it...it WAS on my page, and not because some hypocritical jerk faced bully is pressuring me into this" So, I won't be taking my daughter back to Power and I do feel MUCH better. For those asking how he bullied my daughter? The telling of her not to come back would be one thing...but I know (and EVERYONE in Power knows that if she WERE to go back, it would be with repercussions for a bit...aka SHE would suffer for someone else's mistake, hence "bully")

So, Again THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for being honest, thank you for being kind :o) I love my Sparkies!! LOL

In other news:
We got tentative authorization for his surgery!!! Hubby is in pre-op NOW. Send all prayers, vibes and good wishes that the VA & Military referral peeps don't decide to somehow "lose" yet another authorization until at least AFTER Monday (his surgery's Monday) I've got my fingers, toes, eyeballs and knees crossed. THANK YOU for letting me rant about that one too...and being so supportive :o)

My oldest daughter in Frisco is doing much better it appears. She's been on a Vegan diet lately and seems to love it. I had told her that by decreasing meat (especially red) that it should help her moods and of course being Miranda, she went full extreme! LOL She said she felt so good that it seemed like the next step. The other things she has been doing is going out more and I'm glad. She had been "holing" herself up in that apartment and one can't do that. I had offered all your guys advice and she seems to be on the upswing.....so again THANK YOU!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I guess in a nutshell: THANK YOU! We all come to Spark from all over the world to lose more than just weight. We want to lose those insecure feelings we have, or lose the binge compulsions. We all want to learn how to manage time, incorporate workouts, with schools, work, kids, family and stress. We all want to trade off gaining pounds for gaining confidence, strength (both mental and physical), and maybe even gaining a few Spark friends. I feel great today and I know it's because of all that. It's because of YOU.


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