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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I was shopping yesterday for some home improvement stuff and of course as I was checking out, I had to peruse the candy selection--what I saw made me chuckle:

I thought it was funny because I know that a King-sized Baby Ruth candy bar is not where I plan to get my protein for the day; however, this same candy bar is what I believe is confusing for so many people when it comes to getting healthy. The general public doesn't understand how their bodies work and process food. My mom, for instance, would think: Well, this must be good because it has protein in it. Ummm,'s still a candy bar loaded with fat, sugar, junk. I remember at one point in her life, she ate Hot Tamales like they were going out of style because they were 'fat free.' I tried to explain to her that calories build up to make fat, but she just kept saying but they're 'fat free,' they don't contain any fat. Finally, I threw my hands in the air and gave up (probably snapped my tongue and stormed off--I was a jr in high school :) )

I don't really have an answer to the problem of informing the general public, and frankly, I think ignorance is bliss to many of them, which is why the "4 grams of protein" claim works so well. For me, it's frustrating because I fell victim to this at one point in my life; however, until I decided I wanted to change my health, any one who would've tried to teach me about how to get healthy would've been preaching on deaf ears. I didn't want to listen, I didn't want to change, I wanted the candy bar!

Needless to say, I left the bar alone. It wasn't even a hard decision. The guy behind me did get a good laugh at me taking a picture of a candy bar though. I just told him it was an inside joke. :)
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    ehem...I was a "fat free" tamales girl at one time too. LOLOLOL

    until Pizza became a vegetable.

    that one opened my eyes.

    541 days ago
    Just seeing this. Wow...too funny. Kind of goes along with the philosophy that McDonalds french fries are a vegetable.

    1814 days ago
    lol that is funny they are trying to say that candy bar is healthy.
    1822 days ago
    I agree with everything you just said. I think with 99% of our world being business and marketing it makes it hard to not only make good choices, but the right ones.

    1824 days ago
    What I'd like to know is how many grams of protein in 1 piece of the 2 piece candy bar because 1 piece is a serving not two. Even if there are 4 grams in the 1 piece ... what I say to that is still.. no one should be proud of upping their daily protein intake with a piece of candy that contains GMO ingredients and partially hydrogenated this or that.
    1824 days ago
    the things advertisers and producers will do to make a buck truly amaze me. but people in general tend not to look deeper than the surface and fall for many of the big and bold items that are mentioned above. Glad I look deeper than the surface!
    1824 days ago
  • 81MSMITH1
    I took a free nutrition course on Coursera and now have started to notice more things like that as well, like cholesterol free products -- anything that is not made with animal products is cholesterol free and yet it is used as a selling point. It is amazing what marketers will do to convince you something is better for you.
    1824 days ago
  • SCTF75
    I couldn't agree with you more! I have come to the conclusion that most of what we see advertised on TV as food (even 'healthy' food), is not really 'food'... Even by definition I'm not sure that it fits the bill... I'll save it for my blog, though, lol!!!

    Most people seem to reject this idea though, and continue to search for more way to process real food into something that tastes differently from what it really is.
    1824 days ago
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