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I just like food.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


For 9 days now my diet has consisted of lean protein, fruits, veggies, eggs, and some greek yogurt or cottage cheese.

No iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. No chocolate from the candy dish at work. No gluten free brownies. No quinoa. No delicious vanilla bean banana pancakes (made without grain using coconut flour) from PaleOMG.

And I'm cranky.

Really cranky. I'm tired of this limited food selection. I know it's just 17 days and I'm strong enough to get through this.....right? Ugh.

I'm sitting here at my desk with HUNGER and I don't think it's even necessarily physical, but my brain is going: WHY ARE YOU NOT FEEDING ME WHAT I LIKE????

I DO have a huge sugar addiction, which became very very clear on Day 4 of this detox.

I will admit here that it was not uncommon for me to make a 9x9 pan of gluten free brownies and eat the whole thing in 3 days. Maybe that isn't horrible, maybe it is. I justified it by telling myself it was the ONLY "treat" of the day (which in truth was a LIE because of the office candy I would dip into....). My once a week Iced Caramel Macchiato turned into a Fri-Sat-Sun thing. And then if I happened to be out for work, I'd maybe even get one more. Plus no joke, some weeks I am teaching 6-8 intense hour long zumba/toning/sentao classes, PLUS trying to run too. That allows me wiggle room for treats, but good grief, not as many as I was consuming.


I love sugar. I do. I just plain old love food. I love my quinoa with avocado and tomato and sour cream and cheese on it just as much as the brownies. I love bananas. I love steak.

This fricking detox is HARD. I keep reminding myself it's a good thing. It will reign in that sugar monster and get me to a healthier place where the treats are a few times a week FOR REAL and not becoming so prevalent in my daily intake.

I feel leaner. Less jiggly. I have dropped between 4-5 lbs. I feel more in control than I have in a long time.

But I also just feel HUNGRY down to my very core, and no amount of "unlimited" lean protein or carrots or spinach or other boring vegetable is going to fix that because it's the part of me that loves "good" food that is starving.
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    I am in the same exact boat as you are! I am now in cycle 3 of the 17 day diet and am feeling much better now although I feel the cravings coming back, I think. I, too, felt very tired in cycle 1. Tired, and dizzy. Really dizzy. I stuck to it though and I am down 14 pounds. 7 in cycle 1 and 7 in cycle 2. Seeing that progress has been my motivator. I only weigh at the end of a cycle, but I could feel my clothes getting looser and looser and now I am wearing things that I haven't worn in years. I hope you are able to push past the challenges.

    I feel the same way as you about food though and I must admit that I miss that old lifestyle. Carefree and easy eating. Eating that comforted me. That is what worries me...it is so tempting to go back to! However, I am loving fitting into my clothes again and feeling better about myself. I still have a long ways to go, but I think there are enough positives to get me through!

    Hang in there! You can do whatever you set your mind to!
    1885 days ago
    :::hugs::: I think all of us sugar freaks have been in your position before! Stay strong, you can do it!
    1885 days ago
    I would feel the same if I were in your place. I love food too. I hate a lot of foods and am grateful that many of the foods I hate are not very good for you but I still love the foods that I do love way too much. I do best when I'm too busy to eat. Hungry is my enemy, for sure.
    1886 days ago
    It took you 3 days to eat a 9x9 pan of brownies? I would have (and indeed have) eaten the entire pan for a single evening's dessert. Sounds like you have great self-control. Enjoy those discussions with your brain. Show it who is in charge.
    1886 days ago
    I just like food too.

    And sugar.

    And, it took you three days for a 9x9 pan of brownies? Um, it wouldn't have lasted that long with me!

    Sugar is just the slippery-slope with me. If I have a little, it turns into the same as you describe - once a week is twice, etc. Then I look at my energy level and tell myself I need "more." Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's now.

    Hang in there. Perhaps you could find some delicious protein and add some extra salt. Sometimes that helps me. Or lemon and cucumber in some water to fill me up.

    Frankly, I'm not helpful as I don't think I could do a detox. More power to ya, Sister.
    1886 days ago
    Get through this HARD part!

    ANY detox is hard, it feels worse before it feels better!!! Hang in there!
    1886 days ago
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