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Getting back in the groove and stuff like that ...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The past couple days I’ve been working hard at getting my weight-loss groove back and well I’m not sure how it’s working because I’ve been stubbornly avoiding the scale.

I figure once a week weigh-ins at TOPS are good enough for me, and the anxiety of watching it go up and down throughout the week is something I can do without.

I’ve cooked up some meals and portioned them all out in advance – all except the soup I made today for lunches – because I’m running short on containers.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but I really did have to dump some of those old plastic containers I had – especially after watching a Dr. Oz show a while back. Needless to say he said something about throwing old plastic containers.

Mine of course showed the signs of melting – not a good thing for sure.

I use glass how, but it’s funny when I take more than one food item with me to work, my dishes announce my arrival before I do!

I can imagine people saying, "That must be so-and-so, I can hear her dishes coming a mile away!"

I drink out of a glass bottle too, so I carry a lot of glass with me. I love those giant Sparkling Voss bottles because those, unlike their non-sparkling variety, they are giant glass bottles. I figure I get about seven servings of water out that if I fill it twice and then all I have to do is sneak in another serving in somewhere.

When I head to work, I feel like I’m carrying my entire kitchen with me sometimes. A little container for this, a little for that, my water bottles and sometimes even my cold cup with it’s handy dandy little stripy straw.

It’s funny, how since I’ve been trying to lose weight, it looks like I’m carrying more food to work, not less.

I’m not so sure about that though. It’s one thing to cart food in glass containers and quite another to cart the same amount of food wrapped in paper or cardboard and packed in a paper bag – or a plastic one if I went to the convenience store, which I used to do quite a bit back in the day.

It’s amazing, I think I save thousands of dollars by not eating at those places now. It’s amazing. My food money goes so much further than it did.

Even more so now than even when I first started losing weight because now I am focusing on trying to actually cook my food items rather than buying stuff I can simply nuke in the microwave oven. I would cook a little, but it had to be about as easy as making scrambled eggs to be appealing because I’m not a huge fan of the whole making a mess in the kitchen yet, and I’m also not a huge fan of spending much time in there at all.

However, yesterday I’m proud to say that despite my distaste for that room, I did some rearranging and now I don’t find it nearly so repulsive.

I guess there really is something to the lines of thought surrounding how a room is arranged to how if feels. It feels neat now in those areas I worked in and it feels clean. Both good feelings for sure – especially for a kitchen.

I still have to work on the kitchen table though – I have all my spices there because I haven’t figured out where else to put them. Although I think maybe I have developed an idea about what to do with them – it’s only tentative and there’s a lot of reason why it might not work – so I better work on that idea yet.

Maybe when I figure that stuff out, I won’t mind spending as much time in the kitchen after all. At least finally I live in a place with some decent counter space. The apartment I had before moving in here was shy on counter space. Actually it was formerly a bedroom converted into a kitchen. So I guess, what can I expect? My pantry back then was a closet turned pantry by the addition of shelves and visible to anyone because the door was removed.

I don’t miss it really – not the kitchen anyway – that for sure. Actually, come to think about it, I don’t miss that place much at all because of the wasps that would get inside all of the time, wasps that my cats would taunt – the stupid little fur balls! I love ‘em, but they really are dumb some times!

Now, instead of taunting wasps, those dumb little fur balls are running down the batteries on my recumbent bike. Apparently the bike is trying to take a heart rate reading on my cats anytime they take a nap on it and rest their paws and their head on the metal strips on the handles that are actually meant to take my heart rate when I'm using it. Nice. I think I’ll be making think little mitts for those handles or taking out the batteries out of the bike or something! The mitts would be easier probably once they are made – but since I’m not domestically inclined really, I bet they’d look hideous. At least they’d be a conversation piece! Maybe that's the look to aim for – anything that would be a conversation piece.

To bad those cats aren’t doing the miles on the bike for me though. That would be truly awesome!
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    Re: "It’s funny, how since I've been trying to lose weight, it looks like I’m carrying more food to work, not less." Healthy foods are way less calorie dense. A bag of fast food = BUSHELS of freggies! :-)

    1851 days ago
    quick suggestion ---- if you have any gym socks, toss those on the handles and then you don't have to make any "mitts". Or actually, any calf socks at all. I did that to my rocking chair feet when my daughter was a toddler and it kept the sharp edges from sticking out.

    Glad you got to the point where it is not so expensive to be healthy. Initially, it seems so expensive as your are getting used to everything and have to buy staples. Once the staples and "supplies' are bought up, it really isn't more expensive due to the lack of fast food..... It takes awhile, but it is an amazing point.

    Great work --- glad to see you back on track..... stay away from that pesky scale it is full of lies and misguides.....
    1852 days ago
    LOL I love cats!

    I cooked Monday for a week and made a big salad; and I also froze some. I don't buy food at the grocery store; I buy ingredients (and cook from scratch). However, I do still use plastic. I do buy non bpa plastic. Any progress is good!
    1852 days ago
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