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Ek Balam Mayan Ruins Mexico

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ek’ Balam "Black Jaguar" - "The Great Talol Empire"
The occupation of the site starts from 600 BC, and lasted until 1600 AD. The height of its importance was during the Late Classic Period (600-900 AD). The rise of the site corresponds to the period between 770 and 900, in which appears the record of a ruler named Ukin Kan Le’k Tok’, which together with his descendants, succeeded in extending the power of the city to compete with Cobá. Ek 'Balam was founded by Ek' Balam Balam or Coch Cal Balam, who came from the east and ruled for 40 years.

Ek’ Balam, the capital of the Maya Empire of TOH, had a population of more than 15,000 inhabitants in 12 square Kms. approximately. 45 structures are surrounded by two concentric stone walls plus there is another wall that unites the central buildings. The walls were used to control the access. The city was one of the longest continuously inhabited Maya sites.
Ek’ Balam was a large and powerful city that was part of the Maya Talol Empire. The towns of the eastern part of the state paid tribute with offerings of shell and other valuables.
Surrounded by protective walls and four beautiful arches, the architecture of this city is completely different to others in the Yucatán.
The arches are at the entrance of the Sacbéob (Scabé), the Maya roads made of shells, lime, and sap of the Zapote tree and raised with stones. The roads connected the city with other Maya cities and within the temples and pyramids of the center. The Maya traveled at night to avoid the heat, and, by using shells on the roads, the light of the moon was reflected on them making them white.
This great city was a ceremonial place where everything was planned. Temples, ball court, and beautifully carved monuments known as the hieroglyphic serpents.
The city was founded by the priest Ek' Balam or Coch, which arrived from the east and governed the city for 40 years.
The Maya King Coch-Cal-Balam, founded Ek' Balam, but, U'kil-Kan Lek-T'ok, was the powerful ruler that is buried in the main pyramid called the Acropolis.

I am ex tactic - if that mean real happy - really really happy - that was me this day. This was my first time seeing the Mayan ruins - and I got to climb all those stairs - over coming fear of heights and the anxiety of coming back down all those stairs once I at the top. This site was chosen over other sites mainly because here they still let you climb the steps.
My childhood fantasy of seeing the Mayan Ruins - fulfill - I should have made my life career working for the National Geographic Magazine.
(Next on my list is to visit a Rubber plantations in Indonesia)
The day was hot - but not over whelming. I had no issues with bugs. Made me think about how life was lived in the past. I am thankful I am living in this age.

those green pants are my butt - crawling up all those steps

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