Looking back

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yesterday I had a flashback, It was kind of weird. This all happened while working on my chicken coop. I climbed in a 3 ft wide area to hammer some loose fence wire, I looked up and realized the top wire was a little loose also. So I climbed out of the coop, pretty much took it all apart, fixed what I wanted fixed and then put it back together. After finishing I was like DAMN, I use to never be able to do stuff like this! Also yesterday I walked 2 miles, helped a friend move a truck load of dirt with a wheel barrel and move a stack of wood. I remember a time before my lifestyle change trying to fix some steps. I was covered in sweat just trying to cut ONE board. Now I can do all this stuff and still have energy to do more. Its a great feeling! I have come a far way and im proud of myself!
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