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Longest Run of my life- 11.5 mi (and on a Monday?!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So this weekend was kind of a letdown with my eating. I ate at home ONCE the entire weekend. Terrible. However, I kept my fast food meals (somewhat) lighter and ate less when it was bad. So needless to say coming out of it yesterday I was feeling a bit sad at myself and worried I may have self-sabotaged to the point of no return.

Well weighing in yesterday I was 203.3, up 2.2 lbs from last Wednesday. However I know some of it was water weight and just excess. On Sunday I attempted to do my 12 mile run. But I was doomed from the start- I drank a bottle of wine the night before, plus several shots and lots of jelly bellys. Then I was up until 3 taking care of boyfriend who I picked up very drunk downtown after a night out with work buddies. So not getting to sleep until 3, when 10:30 a.m. came I wasn't feeling too hot.

But I got in the gym. I was feeling blah. I felt bad for boyfriend, I was tired, weak and not at all ready for a long run on the stupid treadmill because it was rainy and cold out. OH- the main problem is that I slept in the spare bedroom so i didn't have to sleep next to pukey and I woke up with a terrible kink in my neck. I started running, weak. I had to walk after 2.85 miles because I was exhausted- WTF!! I powered through 5 miles and then gave up and called it a day. My neck was pulsing with pain when I was done and I had to sit it out for 10 minutes before moving to leave.

Yesterday morning my neck was a little better, but still only like 60%. I took aleve, stretched it, massaged it and toward the end of the day I could move it pretty well. I was set to run 4 miles yesterday. I got out after work and it was a beautiful slightly overcast and 55 degrees! YES I WILL run outside! I got home and decided I would try for 10 miles.

I've been looking around for a cheap hydration belt and havent brought myself to buy one for $40... I just dont have the $ right now! So I tossed a water bottle in one of those flimsy synch backpacks, kissed Josh and headed out! I put on my Rhianna pandora station, fixed my running jacket/headphones and headed out!

I felt great! My head was in the perfect space and I just put my mind on the places I was running to. I mapped out my 10 miles a few weeks ago so I remembered the route. And it's LONG. I don't know why I felt so good- I only had a lean cusine for lunch and an apple at 4 p.m. So maybe its not having food in me- plus I drank about 4 liters of water throughout the day!

Everything felt great! I was not in pain, only my hip and knees were giving me slight twinges of discomfort. But still feeling good I detoured a bit and added some more mileage. I didn't feel the exhaustion until I hit mile 9. I rounded on a long stretch that was about 1 mile in length and it felt longer than anything! I had been sipping my water when I came to stop lights and jogged in place. I almost stopped at Wendy's and asked for a frosty sample because I could have really used some sugar and calories to give me a boost- I didn't think about bringing a snack- DER. Sometimes when I prepare too much I fail to finish. What is that? IDK.

But I felt dead by the time I came back to the road I started on. I stopped and walked- ready to give up. But then I thought about how far I just ran and how far I COULDNT run when I was 300lbs. And I started slowly jogging again, literally pushing myself mentally to get to the next mailbox, then the next, and the next until I met that street where I finished.

11.5 miles. In 2:09:42. I don't know that it was the hardest thing i've ever done- simply because my head was IN it and I felt strong. Physically though- I was done. I made it to the subway by my house and filled my water bottle. Then walked the .25 mi home. F*CK YEAH!!!

I was so jacked up. Josh made me a sandwich and chips and dip for dinner while I sweated and recovered (how sweet). I started slowly eating and then the nausea and stomach cramps kicked in. I was able to finish my meal, but about 20 mins after I stopped moving I felt like I was about to get the worst runns ever. Nothing happened all night, but the cramping kept coming until I went to bed. My diaphragm and lungs were sore as well. This morning everything is a little tight and sore. But you know what? Totally worth it!

I couldn't be prouder of myself, and that half marathon is going to get dominated! I'm rethinking my big dinner out afterward though- not sure that would be advisable after last night!

Look at the beautiful flowers Josh got me for being there for him this weekend (and always ) awww!! And the AMAZING sweet red Hungarian wine I love!
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