A Minor Setback & Zumba on the Wii

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yesterday was a setback for me. Long story short, I didn't eat mindfully at all. I ate a ton more than I've been eating during the day this whole week. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I had trouble sleeping the night before and barely got 4 hours in? Does anyone else find that they eat more when they are tired?

A positive thing is that I was active all day long. I decided to change around the curtains in my house. I took down the old ones and threw them all in the washing machine and put up different ones from storage. Helps keep my home decor looking fresh. I also wanted the heavier curtains to help keep us cooler as the weather gets hot this summer. 

I also got caught up on the rest of my housework. We spent a lot of time outside all weekend and I neglected my indoor duties. 

I tried out the Zumba fitness game on the Wii (the first one). I had actually purchased it at a good price from Amazon several months ago, but put it in the drawer when it arrived; one of those 'I don't have time' things.

At first I was disappointed. I'm one of those people who found the Zumba DVD set hard to follow. We don't have a gym here that has Zumba classes and even if we did, I wouldn't have the time or money to go. The DVD's just frustrated me. The music was great. The dancing was fun. But it was just too fast. As soon as I felt I was getting the hang of the current dance move, the instructors are on to the next. Before long I would be lost. Apparently I have no Latin dance skills whatsoever.

I don't know why I thought the Wii game would be different (aka easier). After creating a profile and starting the first 20 class, my first thought was, "Oh crap. It's the very same dance routines and songs from the DVD set... :-( "

But I'm a good sport, and since I was already standing in the living room with the Wii remote tucked into my Zumba belt, I decided I would give it a go anyway. 

By the second song I was saying, "Hey, I remember this!" and, "I remember this one too, this is that Cumbia move!" " Maybe this isn't so bad after all? :-) "

By the end of the class, I was glistening (that's my word for sweating), and smiling. I guess this is what Zumba newcomers experience when they keep showing up for the classes and at some point the dances just start to stick and they "get it". 

Am I good at Zumba? No way! Did I enjoy the game anyway? Yes! The good thing about the Wii's scoring is that it's very lenient. As long as you're wiggling your hips and moving around, it tells you you're doing great. This is great for me because I know I can't do the dances perfectly and it reinforces the idea that the point is to keep moving and have fun with it. I would be up a creek if I tried playing this game on the Kinect.

I wanted to do more than just the short 20 minute session, but I didn't have time (remember I was washing those curtains). But I will complete the rest of the classes on the game over the next few weeks.

I still did my one hour stint on DDR later that evening. I got some pretty good scores and I want to do some new videos soon. I'm SO close to full combo-ing that Double Tornado song, but the jumps are what kills me every time.

The idea of the day was to stay moving and wear myself out so I would sleep better that night. I managed 6 hours of sleep, so I guess that's not bad...
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