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Couple of Long Term goals met

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Monday, April 22, 2013

I didnt know how else to title this blog.

One of my goals when I started my journey, I wanted to get a new wedding ring. I hadnt been able to wear mine in many many years. Then after the house fire, well I didnt have it anymore. Same for DH.

Now, I didnt need the marriage ring symbol really, we have been married 20 years and know we are stuck with each other emoticon ... ummm I mean still deep in wedded bliss... emoticon (something is deep huh?) jk, jk... anyways, I just thought it would be nice to wear a ring again, so that was one of my goals. I dont think I ever got around to writing it down, but it was a goal that has stayed with me nonetheless.

So last weekend, we were at the Leatherman, and saw some rings that matched DH's new harley. Really pretty blue onyx looking. Not really wedding rings, but they had guys and gal's rings with this same stone.

So yesterday, we went back and got them emoticon Not the size 6 I remember my first rings being haha but that is okay. If my fingers lose anymore, I can have it resized, or get another I guess, they werent all that expensive. But expensive wasnt my goal. I just wanted to be able to wear a ring again, and not look like, well.... I dont know the metaphor here. Like a pudgey fat woman trying to cut off her circulation by wearing a ring that just made her hands look even fatter and pudgier.

Okay, so that was one thing. The other thing, since DH got his first bike 2 years ago, I didnt really want to buy too much for me to wear. I knew I wanted to lose weight. Well it took me awhile to get serious with my weight loss efforts. He got the bike in April of 2011. It became apparent that he really wanted to ride it, it wasnt just a short lived phase of some sort. A harley had always been a goal of his. And he is at the stage in his life where we could afford it, and he is still physically able to enjoy it.

So I knew that I would either need to ride with him, or stay home. I also knew that I did not want to be the old fat chick on the back of the bike. I was okay being one or the other, but not both. And since I wasn't getting any younger, I guess that only left the other in my power to control.

So I made a few little changes, about 20 lbs worth, but it wasnt until November of 2011 that I really made up my mind. But it wasn't until January of 2012 when I found Spark, that things really started to happen.

So even though I am not to goal yet, things are moving along again and I feel confident that I will get there, and hopefully yet this year. So while we were at the Harley dealer shindig in Columbia on Saturday, we found a woman's leather jacket about 30% off, that had the Harley stitching stuff down the arms, in the same blues that matches the bike. (and now our rings)

Well, needless to say, DH wanted me to get it. It is a little snug, but not bad. So it is okay now that the weather is getting warmer, and it will be okay when the weather gets colder and I have to layer under it. So I think it was a good investment, even though I am still making progress. It should only fit better and better each time I wear it. emoticon

And DH was so happy that I "let" him buy me some things. I justified it in my mind that well I DO have a b-day soon, oh geesh, like a few days.... and then there is Mother's Day.....

But really, they were both goals of mine and it seemed like a good time to go ahead and spend a few bucks emoticon
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