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Emotional Eating Thoughts

Monday, April 22, 2013

What follows is a summary through the lens of my experience of a couple of articles I read on line this weekend about evening eating and comfort foods.... which to me are just different names for emotional eating.
On some evenings, not all, I do find myself wandering around the kitchen opening cabinets and the frig feeling that I will find just the right something. I never do... although I do munch on a few dried apricots sometimes. The article suggested the usual suspect of boredom, but also mentioned two others that rang some bells for me. A stressful day can pile up on you and demand release when you finally relax toward the end of the day. Before you eat, review your day and see if there are some stressors you need to let go of. Drink water, take a walk, touch your toes, do some deep breathing...whatever releases stress for you.
The other suggestion is that for some reason we dread going to bed or sleeping. There may be some trauma from the past associated with bed or sleep. If this is the case, you may need professional assistance to decode the eating urge to discover the true impetus or you may be able to figure it out yourself. Once we have found the culprit, the challenge is to sit with the fear or whatever the feeling is to discover that we can experience the emotion and move through it.
The article on comfort food was revealing to me, partially because I am extraordinary lucky in terms of my "comfort" foods... one of them is cottage cheese. I had poor health as a child and my mother's standard lunch for me was Lipton's chicken noodle soup, 3-4 soda crackers with a dab of butter and cottage cheese with a peach half on top. Just thinking about that meal can make me feel so loved and cared for. That's what comfort food is; we are using food to remind us of that glorious feeling that everything's all right with the world. So, how do we step away from the comfort? We first realize that it is the history of the food, not the food itself that brings us comfort, then start substituting that memory for the food.
Hope these ideas have rung some bells for you.
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