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Bobbi's dream house possibility part 2..the upstairs :-))

Monday, April 22, 2013

emoticon I'm still on my Florida Cracker house possibility high. It may or may not work out...I'm just handing it over to our higher power to point me in the right direction.

That's really all we can do when we've done all that we can on a physical level. I'll meet with the realtor (it's she and her husband that rehabbed the place with their investor) and we meet with City hall to explore the possibilities of the property being zoned commercial. It already has a zoning that allows for a Bed and Breakfast, or a group home, or senior center. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a senior home since it has some pretty challenging steps up to the second floor. But when does bureaucracy and the powers that be..ever make any kind of sense? emoticon

As we took our time yesterday and really absorbed the rooms and the layout of the place yesterday I noticed that it is hooked into a pretty powerful power line...I have always been a little suspicious of being near big power lines...so that coupled with the intense traffic that whizzes by gives me something to think about if the deal doesn't work out. I'm hoping it will...but if it doesn't I'll just consider that someone looking out for the hubs and my health has stepped in.

Here's a few more pics of the second floor...just as cute and just as charming as the first floor!

Staircase to second floor.

Very cool and pretty large room that could be a bedroom...but is mighty close to the dreaded power line...could be media room but if we move in most likely will be my jewelry studio combined with our home office. This room has 2 pretty good sized closets off of it as well and I LOVE the big pitched ceiling and the ceiling fan.

Here's one of the two bedrooms up here..not gigantic but certainly larger than some of the postage stamp sized ones I've seen. This one has a closet in it that is huge! I likey that!

Here's the other bedroom across the hall a tad bit smaller but with the same huge closet concept. That's REALLY unusual for such an old house and it makes me wonder if two different families might not have co-existed here...now I'm curious about it's history. If we get this place you can bet I'll march myself down to our little historical society and check into it's past.

Here's the sloping roof closet off the smaller bedroom..isn't it just the cutest little accent?

AND the upstairs bathroom...soooo charming and all new!

Yay...a tub...for my bubble baths! emoticon Do you even believe some houses don't have bath tubs?

Here's a shot of the upstairs hallway..it's pretty wide and spacious...I just LOVE it!

Okay one more shot of the backyard...

Okay I'm DONE yattering on about this cute little place. I write these blogs as much for myself as for anyone who might care to share my day to day dreams hopes and yearnings.

It's ALL good! Thank you my friends for indulging me! emoticon emoticon

Now...another exciting little piece of information...I went to a fancy smancy penthouse a couple of weeks back. Remember..the 17th floor and the new owner was ripping our 10,000 sf of GRANITE flooring... GRANITE...that's CRAZY! emoticon We know the builder and the stuff that he was replacing it with looks like the SAME stuff that is in this cute little cracker house. I KNOW that wood...it's from Lumber Liquidators and is close out priced at about .99 p.s.f. I bet the guy is paying 10 x that amount...and he's ripping up GRANITE..which can't be salvaged because it shatters...oh...the pain I feel! emoticon

This is what I tell you about the wealthy my friends...more money than sense! emoticon They love to change things just for change's sake which is WHY it's so wonderful to be in the consignment biz down here. I SCORE...big time...yippee!

And don't think it's because I roll over on them...I tell them the truth about just what they are getting into. This guy wants to consign some really gorgeous stuff but it's the dead heat of summer. I tell him our contract is for 90 days...but the locals..really don't spend money for the type of top end items he has. I also tell him if he doesn't want to risk the timeframe (because if he doesn't pick up the items before they expire they stay with the gallery, or we donate, our choice). Otherwise I'd just become a free storage facility and i've learned my lesson the HARD way on extending things just for the sake of being nice to the people who don't want to bother themselves to come in and reclaim their merchandise...it doesn't create ANY profit for me...and it CAUSES a boatload of paperwork that goes on into eternity...no more.

So I tell the guy I do sometimes buy wholesale if the stuff is really something I'm wowed by..this stuff is. BUT that wholesale is a WHOLE different animal and I don't want to offend him with the pricing. It's about a quarter of what I think I'd garner through the gallery.

I work him up a price on all the pieces for what I think I can sell them for through the gallery and what I will buy them wholesale.

Of COURSE he's offended by the wholesale price (hey I warned him up front) and he huffs and puffs that he won't take less than $XXX. of course I'm not going for that. So I politely write him back and say if he still wants to consign them to contact me.

Nothing for about 3 weeks..then last night an e-mail saying he'll take the wholesale offer. Of course he will...because he's shopped around for 3 weeks and can't find anyone that will pay him more.

Hey...i KNOW my stuff! emoticon

Soooo these lovely pieces will be coming into the gallery. They are top end..carreara marble no less on the dresser, and night stands...this stuff is RARE and BEAUTIFUL!

He has lots of STUFF on it...but believe me it's gorg!

Two matching nightstands...high high quality even if a little retro!

The matching chest of drawers...with new hardware this would look great! If the dresser was painted black it would be awesome to put under a big screen t.v. or maybe it would look great too with just new updated hardware. Woo hoo...I love the possibilities! OH and check out that GRANITE flooring under the chest that's what he's ripping out! CRAZY~VILLE in Naples, FL!

Here's a wayyyy cool dining set..the chairs are the BOMB! Need new upholstery but they are all cane with carved wood inset accents. Hummmm wouldn't these be SO cute in that little cracker house? I'm not wild about the table..but maybe?

Then there is the dining credenza...i won't take the hutch..too hard to move...but the credenza would work fine for another console to put a big screen tv over.

Uber cool stuff....uber HEAVY stuff...now to call the mover and see what those damages will be! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Beautiful pics Bobbi! And i love your different blogs about life. The furniture is very nice..good luck with everything.♥

    1824 days ago
    Wow! I wish I lived closer by and had a bigger house - that furniture is beautiful! And you're right - what an idiot for tearing out that granite!! emoticon
    1827 days ago
    1827 days ago
    Wow Bobbi!! What a day! I love all the photos of the house but, like you, feel really nervous about the powerline....But, at the same time, the house has been there a while so maybe it is not so bad. Where can you go and find out about the history of the house? City Hall? Library? I can't wait for you to share that here. emoticon

    And, emoticon on getting the furniture! It is so beautiful. Do you ever buy some of the things that people bring in, if you really like it? Just curious.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week! You are on a roll. emoticon Love, Chelsea
    1828 days ago
    Yes Bobbi - you do get a bit off the originalo topic now and then, but delightfully so. I enjoy your tangents. A shame the granit floor dude doesn't have more sense (or taste) but c'est la vie. Everyone can't be as brilliant and adept as we are. emoticon
    1828 days ago
    1828 days ago
    Amazing house. Love the dark floors.
    1828 days ago
    That cute little house is getting cuter by the minute. And the furniture is drool-licious! Good eye, my dear!
    1828 days ago
    Love all the pictures of the house. I'm sure things will work out for the best., whatever that may be.

    That's mighty fancy furniture. It amazes me what people get rid of.. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
    1829 days ago
    What a very cute house! Perfection! And thanks for sharing the photos so we can all dream along with you. Love the furniture also.
    1829 days ago
    1829 days ago
    It is a great house. I worked around very high voltage for 21 years and I am not glowing. But if it is something that makes you feel uneasy you do need to think about that. It is a lovely house
    1829 days ago
    Cool love the upstairs too, but my love very quickly cooled when you said the power lines have read too much about not good to be near them. hubby will not even consider a house near a huge set of lines or where the hmm stands and rows of lines go through. That and the noise and pollution from the road would make me say no, but man it sure is cute but looks HUGE from the outside compared to the inside.

    HUGS and hope it all works out for you!
    1829 days ago
  • DR1939
    Love the pics both of the house and the furniture.
    1829 days ago
    I giggle every time you refer to this house as a "little" cracker house. It's huge in my eyes!! We're trying to downsize and eliminate stairs (DH has had 3 knee operations!--he's fine now, but time takes a toll!) I love the windows......and all the sun it brings in! Hope you find just the right house!
    1829 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    oh come on now, you can't move that stuff all by your self...hehehehe...I had some customer move his own grand piano to save money...well he broke parts of the piano off and he broke the back leg of the piano off....then right in my driveway he was about to turn the piano into a million pieces but we stopped him...well so much for saving money cause we have to repair the damage...can't even set the piano down until the leg is fixed....just to save a little money

    Its worst with pianos when it comes to wholesale cause you have an 100 year old upright that they think plays great and doesn't even need tuning, bla, bla, bla ... come on its 100 years old, its doesn't play well and need 10,000 dollars on work and its still old so its worth nothing, but they think it made of gold...lol...then they say well you could it for wood....lol ...picture it a piano in the fireplace...lol...someone taking time to take the piano apart for wood...lol

    1829 days ago
    We have a electrical transformer in our back yard and I will tell you we hard stronger power surges because of it. We have had to put 3 new capasitors on our AC unit in 5 years because of the surges. They don't tell you those things when you are buying.
    1829 days ago
    1829 days ago
    Loved the pics, the descriptions of both the house and the wholesale items.
    1829 days ago
    To Bobbi from Bobbi...girl you need to shorten up those blogs...you have 'writer~mouth' emoticon
    1829 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/22/2013 9:34:08 AM
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