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What's in store for me this week ~ April 21 - April 27

Monday, April 22, 2013

emoticon Daily Goals:
~ awaken at sunrise & create an invigorating morning routine
~ Quick Fire
~ practice at least 20 min of yoga
~ drink at least 3 cups of green tea
~ 13,500 steps
~ keep an open mind
~ meditate in the morning & right before bed
~ embrace uncertainty
~ journal thoughts and feelings
~ eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal and as one snack today
~ take a walk after dinner

Sun ~ April 21
emoticon Day 22 Total Body Yoga = 60 min emoticon
emoticon Insanity emoticon

emoticonUpgraded to Galaxy III today ~ lots to learn again.

Mon ~ April 22
emoticon Day 23 Energize Yoga = 20 min emoticon
emoticon Lunch Walk/Jog = 30 min
emoticon Insanity = 30 min
emoticon Cathe's Upper Body Pyramid = 45 min
emoticon emoticon last class for Runners

emoticon “A sense of purpose makes life meaningful.”
Is your life synchronized with your dreams and actions? Do you use the power of each day to pursue the dreams that matter most? If not, why?
You have a specific, unique purpose and destiny in this world. It’s up to you to pursue it.
When you feel a strong sense of purpose, it brings direction. Achievement, hopefulness, motivation, persistence and high self esteem then come naturally.
Stay grounded and focused on your daily goals and intentions. Don’t get distracted; don’t let anything get in the way. Align your actions with these callings and you will achieve your life’s purpose, with ease.
©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: My actions are aligned with my life’s purpose.

Tue ~ April 23
emoticon Day 24 Energize Yoga = 20 min emoticon
emoticon Lunch Walk/Jog = 30 min emoticon
emoticon Jack Quinn's emoticon

Wed ~ April 24
emoticon Day 25 Energize Yoga = 20 min
emoticon Lunch Walk/Jog = 30 min
emoticon Insanity MAX Interval Plyo

emoticon “There are no detours around obstacles.”
There is not a meaningful goal that can be achieved, without facing obstacles and hurdles. It’s an inevitable part of life’s road to success. The more you come to grips with this, the faster you’ll get where you want to go!
Instead of seeing difficulties as the end of your dreams, see them as part of the journey. View obstacles as challenges, which, once overcome, will bring you closer to your destination. Refuse to be stopped – keep focusing on where you want to go.
When the going gets tough, remind yourself that snags build wisdom, perseverance and strength. With this outlook your frustrations will transform to motivations and success will come your way more quickly.
©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: I view obstacles as stepping stones that bring me closer to my goals.

Thur ~ April 25
emoticon Day 26 Energize Yoga = 20 min
emoticon Lunch Walk/Jog = 30 min
emoticon emoticon Peak 10 = 60 min

emoticon 8 Blunt Truths About Becoming a Yoga Instructor ~ Rachael Carlevale

Fri ~ April 26
emoticon Day 27 Energize Yoga = 20 min emoticon
emoticon Lunch Walk/Jog = 30 min
emoticon Power Vinyasa Yoga = 60 min

emoticon “Focus on your future instead of on what you missed.”
It’s important to look back on past successes but it’s even more important to use your vision to look ahead.
When we spend too much time looking back at past events, we get caught up in the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” mental talk. Learn from your past, then let it go.
Focus your imagination on your future. When you send these good thoughts out in front of you, they prepare and smooth the way. Use your imagination to reel in all the possibilities that lie ahead.
Picture your ultimate success and then get to work creating it. When you take the giant step and dare to believe, your dreams will come true.
©Jane Powell - Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: My imagination is focused on the future.

Sat ~ April 27
emoticon Day 28 Total Body Yoga = 60 min
emoticon Program I = 30 min
emoticon emoticon Kelly's NYC II = 85 min

108 Yoga Images from 2012


So, You Wanna Be a Yoga Teacher:

Cute Meditation Music Video:

May 2
“Do what you love – and excitement will follow.”
When you follow what you love in life, challenges can be tough because the stakes are high. You set your whole heart on reaching your goal and you want, so badly, to succeed!
It’s not always easy. But, doing what you love means that, each morning, you awaken with passion and excitement at your core.
It means you’re finding hidden strengths you didn't know you possessed. And, you’re equipped to get over obstacles and disappointments with grace.
Most of all, it means no regrets. No matter what, you’re living an exciting life, doing what you were born to do.
©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: I’m doing what I love.
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