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21 day Holy Spirit Study #2

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bring your Bible. We will study verses only listed for the day.

Day 2: Read Judges 3: 8-12

Reflection: The Holy Spirit moved through the first judge of Israel. How much more should we pray for those in charge of our legal system to be filled with the Spirit. The Spirit bestows wisdom and courage which qualifies us for service as the power of the Spirit performs it.

Discovery and response: Write a prayer of rejoicing that God is qualifying you to have discernment in your prayer life and in your dealings with others. You may instead add words to a hymn. Or a discovery in the Bible or lesson you had never noted before.

Holy Spirit, I read so often in the OT how Your people sinned and forsook the Living God. After enslavement, Your people would call out to You, and You would send a deliverer so that they might have rest. You have always been with those that are called by Thy Name. You have never failed or forsaken them.

I see, through the Holy Spirit, grave danger for our Nation. Rights are being taken away from Christians. The beginning pains of persecution are upon us. We do not boldly proclaim the Name of Christ Jesus anymore, desirous instead of being politically correct, giving no offence, ecumenical, or at our worst, setting the framework for a one-religion false rule for the anti-Christ.

I thank You Holy Spirit for removing scales from my eye that I might be aware of the path of destruction we are headed on. I thank You Holy Spirit that You have given me a spirit of a sound mind and reason, and that You have taught me that yes, even my prayers can effect the course of change for our Nation. I seek You to help me pray always, without ceasing, so that our Land will turn back to You. Raise up Godly Legislators and Lawmakers that will direct our Land to glorify You once more.

In all my dealings, political or otherwise, grant me the Spirit of discernment that I might not be caught unawares. Cause me to see and hear, judge and discern, through the supernatural empowerment You grant. Amen
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    yes , the word says , if we humble our selves and turn from our wicked ways
    the ( repentance ) then God will hear & heal our land.

    who is wicked ??any one who doesn't follow the Lord .can you imagine this world
    with out the ones who are praying for our land ???

    Lord I uplift our nation , I can be one of the first to say forgive me of sin.
    I humble myself , before you Lord . I pray for our President and all leaders
    in our country . Come Holy Spirit , impart wisdom , let the Christians Arise !!!
    Never to comprise our faith , giving over to evil . For you Oh Lord are a nver changing God . Come Lord quickly heal our Land In the Name Of Jesus amen emoticon
    1882 days ago
    1885 days ago
    It was interesting to me that the word cried (Strongs 2199) za' aq means
    1) to call, call out, call together, summon
    2) to make a crying, proclaim
    3) to have a proclamation made
    This reminds me very strongly of the National Day of Prayer proclamations which have been made by presidents and other community leaders in America. I confess that although I do pray for the United States and other nations, I do not feel I have honored the sense of a national crying out for the Lord to save our nation. I'm glad this study came before the National Day of Prayer May 2, 2013.
    1885 days ago
    Most people are FB say every sort of opinion imaginable... I have some non christian friends or relatives.

    So, my opinion is you should say something about your faith and life, as long as you don't blast them, or talk rude or nasty about their differe emoticon nt opinions.
    1887 days ago
    Yep i agree with everyone. When we take God out and put man on a pedestal and take away the Bible and start calling wrong right and right wrong we end up with a big big mess in our country and our lives.
    1887 days ago
  • WENDYW596
    I just want to add my agreement to everyone's statements...... Our only hope to pray for our leaders and for the Church (people) to repent and turn our hearts to God....
    1887 days ago
    1887 days ago
    Everyone has said it so eloquently. We must pray for our nation. We have been going downhill for years. We have put God on the back burner for so long. It is time to put Him on the front burner.
    1887 days ago
  • MRSP90X
    AVANELL really said it best. I have said to many people lately that you can see God lifting His hand of protection from our nation as our nation continues to reject Him.

    I know some of my sparkriends are not liking me proclaiming my faith and belief in Christ. I realized that I could not just silence who I am in Christ and that my weight problem is a spiritual one. I have been feeding my flesh and not turning to Christ for the strength and comfort that I need. He is to be our all in all and not anything else, including food. Everything is spiritually based in this life, we need to look to Christ for everything. I knew this but let an incident from facebook 3 years ago help me to decide that when I started here at Sparkpeople just to keep my spiritual life separate. Oh, how wrong I was. (Someone from my own church rebuked me for a comment I made on someones post,that we should all have humble attitudes and be thankful for the goodness of God.) After the ladies retreat last weekend, I decided that I needed to make changes in my life and changes here at Sparkpeople. I can't sit idle and in my own little comfort zone. If we want revival in our nation, it starts in our own heart.
    1887 days ago
  • JOANIE69
    Your message is pertinent for all so-called Christian nations in the world today, who have let their good name as Christians become tarnished by mass-complacency and non-action. However, others here have stated it very plainly so I need not add to their wisdom, but this Bible verse did come to my mind: 2 Chron. 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Let us never tire of praying for one another, and for our nation and this world. "Even so, Come Lord Jesus". Rev. 22:20
    1887 days ago
    emoticon God is more powerful than any entity in the world and we know what will happen to Satan and his cohorts. God is the Almighty One. I trust in Him and not Ceaser. I give my life to Him. He is my judge. I will be faithful to Him and to Him only.

    The people of this nation who have fallen away from the one true God and have not repented will send this nation into a downward spiral that we may not recover from.

    God is humbling our nation. Our faith must be in the Lord. I believe the Lord will seek and save the lost and we are His hands and feet. Governments are beyond me. I have no understanding of the political world. Though, I know that God surpasses all those fallacies in reasoning. It is our job to remain faithful, do good, and help others to strengthen their relationship with Christ and bring them closer to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. God is bringing me up to learn to lean on Him though I am weak but He is strong. Only God can direct my path.

    His Word is a light unto my path and a lamp unto my soul.

    God bless! emoticon
    1887 days ago
    The mess we are in we all made We never were as good as we thought we were We had slaves stolen people treated the Indians bad Loved lawlessness and Gun Gread for wealth Did harm to others for our own Good Thought we we were better till a few years the ex slaves Mow we added the Good life at any cast Destroy others to get it God has had all he will take The time has come for him to strengthen us out He did that to the Jewish nation Why do you think it will never happen to use
    1887 days ago
    A word of prophecy came forth from the Lord in our church service yesterday morning that said that this is no time for God's children to cower in fear but it is the time for us to rise up as the church of God, the army of God, that He has called us and established us to be. We are to take His praises and go forth to the ends of the earth in the power and ability of His Spirit and as we go with His praises in our mouths the enemy will be slain before us and many will come to salvation.

    We, as the church, have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people all over the world. When we sit idle by and watch our nation go the way of the world it's no one's fault but our own. We need to rise up and fight for what is right. Our nation was founded on God, on His principles and we need to enforce those rights. That is done through prayer and following the leading of the Holy Spirit as He knows when to speak and when to keep silent. It is not accomplished through physical acts but through spiritual acts of prayer and then acting as God directs. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. Our weapons are spiritual not physical. We must fight as God directs, not as man.

    God raised up deliverers for His people when they cried out to Him in prayer. Then when they followed His leader they prospered and had peace in their land.
    1887 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/22/2013 7:39:20 AM
    1887 days ago
    This speaks very highly of obedience. As long as we are doing right we are in the Lord's favor. When we are not his wrath is upon us. How simple it would be to open our eyes and see what is right.

    Psalm for Israel

    Oh, heavenly Father the voice of Your children cries out to You
    Please send someone to take away the evil we endure
    Othniel saw favor in the Lord and brought all things new
    Yet what was once gold once more was impure.

    When Othniel died so did God’s favor
    As their lack of obedience to God was like thunder.
    the children of Israel, lost faith in Their savior
    For what God commands should not be put under.

    Donna G Fowler

    Judges 3: 8-12

    1887 days ago
    I have been aware of us slowly slipping from God's bessing for our country...we stand by silently as others take away our rights and turn us away from God and take Him out of our country. We do need to be on our knees in prayer for our country! emoticon
    1887 days ago
    Notes from the Amplified Bible read "We see that the Spirit of the Lord 'came upon' people and gave them power, wisdom, or ability beyond what they naturally had.
    Outer power comes from inner purity, and that inner purification (or sanctification) is a work of the Holy Spirit living within us. He wants to fill us with His Spirit and give us the power to live the abundant life that is available through believing in Jesus Christ."
    1887 days ago
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