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Pics of my little FL cracker house love affair..it's REALLY intense! :-))

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've been blogging my little heart out about this awesome little FL cracker house that I've found. It came to my attention in the most whimsical of ways...and I'm taking that as a 'almost meant to be thing!'

Most of you know that we've been kicked around and drug through the crap pool in the fight to save the beautiful home that we live in now. Honestly...it's a stunner...I'll have to post pics sometime just for history if we lose it..which of course I hope we won't but after THREE long treacherous years of fighting tooth and nail..sometimes you just have to brace yourself for a sad outcome. Especially since it's probably WAY over priced by now with all the late fees and bogus trumped up charges the bank has added on..and on...and ON! emoticon

So you learn to consider other possibilities...in fact sometimes the other possibilities can look almost as good or maybe even better (in some ways) than your current situation.

Soooo this little historical house came to my attention via an e-mail from a realtor who happened into our consignment gallery probably six months ago. I tell the story in an earlier blog so I won't bore you to tears with it again. I opened up the e-mail and lo and behold...such a CUTE house appeared. One that I had admired many years ago but at that time it was in such a run down state I crossed it off my 'wish list'.

I've always been drawn to older things. Older people, older places on earth, (Taos New Mexico is a spiritual place to me) We loved Italy and France and I'll take old vintage jewelry ANY day before the shiny new stuff. People tell me I'm and old soul...so guess this attraction with vintage and antique just feels comfortable to me. emoticon I don't even worry about getting older myself...I just call myself richer for the experience! emoticon

So this house mesmerizes me...check it out you'll agree. I drug the hubs over to see it today after breakfast and he's MUCH more low key than I am but I could tell...after 35 years with a man...you JUST know..he likes it too...VERY much! Except the fact that it doesn't have a garage...it is pretty rough on a man to go from a 3 car garage to zip! But..hey you take the bad with the good right?

Here's the front outside just so you get the gest of the layout.
It has a BIG roomy front porch something I've always loved. It just has screens in and would probably be better with windows to shut out some of the traffic noise (it's on a pretty busy street which I would NORMALLY HATE)..but since we are thinking of this as a biz enterprise besides a home I'll just have to adjust. I'll figure out some landscape buffer to help drown out the noise and maybe wear an oxygen mask to filter the car fumes...that part I REALLY HATE... emoticon but again...our credit is CRAP because of this foreclosure fight so beggars can't be choosers. If we get private financing to give us this opportunity I'll be grateful!

Here's the front entry which opens to the steps upstairs to your left and a fairly spacious entry hall then the living room directly to your right.

I LOVE the remodeling...the builder honored the time period 1923 with raised paneling and extra wide baseboard. They built out the window frames and put detailed moulding around them. Looks GREAT!

Here's the landing and the hardwood steps upstairs, even added a nice handrail...all new and very snazzy!

Here's the living room, all hard wood floors with distressing. Personally I would never have chosen wood this dark..but I'm sure they got a deal at Lumber Liquidators...so why not? It looks rich and fits the time period of the house. It WILL be a bear to keep clean though...I would have picked a lighter oak look...but again looks very rich and snazzy and since it goes through the entire downstairs it has good flow.

I can't tell real well from the thumb nail pic but I think this is a bank of windows in the living room looking out to the front porch.

Arghhhh I forgot to take a shot of the covered front porch and the nice side porch...details..I was too overwhelmed with the full package! emoticon

Here's a close up of the fireplace...didn't they do a good job adding the nice wide marble hearth...I can envision it with a big mirror above to bounce around the light in the room.

The thing I MOSTLY love about this house is that it has TONS of windows! Lots of light which is good for those really dark floors! The hubs said it will cost the national debt to dress those windows..I don't care if I have to put up sheets..i'll come up with something cute and frugal!

The living room walks right into the dining room...so spacious beautiful light fixture and a big bank of windows looking out into the HUGE side yard...whoop da! I can just see our cute Irish Hutch in here!

See I knew I was collecting these old antiques for something right?

Here's one of my FAV features of the WHOLE house..this is the arch way looking into the kitchen dining area right as you enter the house in the front entry hall. It's where the stairs go up for the upstairs...i love that they let the pitch dictate the style...just love it! emoticon
You'd NEVER see that in a modern house...never!

Here's a BIG eating area for the breakfast table right off the kitchen and right straight through from the entry hall. I'm not a big fan of hallways...and I love that this house only has one kinda convoluted one downstairs into the master bedroom. Narrow hallways put me off for some reason. emoticon I like WIDE open spaces...and the good planning of this builder knocked out some old walls and made pretty good usage of the space.

Most old houses have a maze of small rooms this one flows pretty darn good!

Check out the DECKED out kitchen ...woo~hoo...I might even be inspired to cook more! emoticon Can't you just see it with a cool ole kitchen island in the middle...plenty of room for one!

Other side of the kitchen...so awesome and even has a little veggie sink! All granite countertops and NEW stainless steel appliances...yippee! emoticon

Here's the hallway off the kitchen walking past a 1/2 bath all new back into the master bedroom. This is the one part of the house that is a little odd...but it's not bad and I'm sure putting in the half bath caused some of this 'flow' problem. i'd rather have the 1/2 bath for guests than perfect flow.

The 1/2 bath..a little one but at least it's there! emoticon

The master bedroom...those double doors with the blinds buildt into the glass walk out onto a cute little porch off the back (see last pic of the outside of the house). It also has a very nice new full bath off of it. BUT...the hubs and I think it would be better utilized as a media room...he LUVS his big screen and his music...and the fact that the closet is really stinky little..this seems to be a good solution. I don't like a big screen in the living room...i like that room to be neat and tidy for guests. There are bedrooms upstairs but this master bathroom is the bomb!

Two his and hers sinks across from each other and a good sized shower area.

Nice glass tile feature in the master bath

Here's another shot of the master bedroom...like I said TONS of windows...everywhere!
Keeping them clean will be a FULL time job eh?

Here's one thing that creeped me out a little bit..these worms seem to be hanging out from place to place in the house...any one know anything about worms and old houses...ugh...that's one thing I really DON'T like about the house! emoticon I'm hoping they are just there because the house has sat vacant for so long before being remodeled.

At one time there was a vagrant living there...another creep out fact. i'll have to have the house blessed before we move in. You should ALWAYS do that with old old houses that have have numerous inhabitants. I didn't pick up any creepy feelings while the hubs and I were there and we were there for a good two hours or so. I noted every outlet and made sketches of the room layouts and envisioned my furniture here and there....i know that thoughts are things and I like to imagine myself in a setting to try it on for size.

We could do this no problem because the realtor was busy today so told me where to find the key...how great to know she trusts us and let us take our leisure time getting the 'feel' of the place. Hubs was really patient with me...not one of his strong factors so I'm so grateful for that and besides he really liked the property too!

Well I've pooped myself out showing you around the downstairs...you'll have to wait for the upstairs til tomorrow.

I LOVE this little cracker house! I'm going to annoit it 'Bobbi's Florida Cracker Haven'...or 'Bobbi's Cracker Style'...or...still thinking! emoticon

Thanks for taking the tour with me! More to come tomorrow, I have the day off so more time to dream! emoticon emoticon

What a perfect bed and breakfast and it's already zoned for such..but Oh...such work..I don't think I want to go there! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1825 days ago
  • DR1939
    I once bought a house because it had arched doorways. Love old houses for their unique features.
    1825 days ago
    Nice little find, I really didn't get the feel of the house inside but the full picture at the end looks very nice.

    As far as the worms emoticon didn't look so little to me. Worms creep me out, find out about them before you make to many plans.

    As always wishing you good luck.

    1826 days ago
    Wow! Wow! Wow!! GORGEOUS place. I especially liked all the photos where the sunshine came in and the last photo you posted is just beautiful! I can see why you fell in love with the place. Aren't dreams wonderful! The banks can't take that away from you! emoticon

    As far as the worms, I would have the place fumigated prior to moving in too. Those little worms were in my last apartment in Fort Lauderdale but for a short time only (during their season, I figured) and then went away. I think it is a Florida thing. emoticon

    Can't wait to hear your plans. And remember - your friends may not support you through this process but your online friends get it. I get that dreams are important when we are in h___ with severe problems. That hope keeps us going no matter what. Keep the hope alive. You and your hubby have earned it after 3 years of misery. emoticon

    Love, Chelsea emoticon
    1826 days ago
    beautiful home, hope you can get it.
    1826 days ago
    When can you move in? Never mind, I may get there first! What a joy! I could love living here. Oooops, guess I better tell DH we are moving.
    You would have so much fun with this. Fingers crossed that it all works out. I totally LOVE this house! HUGS!
    1826 days ago
    It's hard to get the feeling from the pictures, although they are good pictures. I like to be in a place to get the feel, too. I think it's a winner. It seems to have lots of space and it looks well built and remodeled perfectly. I wish you the best.

    Don't know anything about the worms! Yuk!
    1826 days ago
    What a great home! They have done an excellent job rehabbing it. I'm happy for you that you have found something that you like so much.
    1826 days ago
    I absolutely LOVE this house! I think you should move in right away!
    Awesome blog, thank you for sharing!!!!! emoticon
    1826 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    1826 days ago
    Beautiful!! I love old houses as well - well all but the heating bills that usually come with them - but with the remodeling work - Im assuming that wont be a problem. I love the detial- and all of the old style woodwork. I've always had a thing for wide baseboards, or two piece baseboards. Looks like a dream house - I wish you all the best!!
    1826 days ago
    Can't really see your "worm" too well, but my guess, as an old Florida cracker myself, is that those are not worms but the larval stage of something. I'd get them checked out before I put an offer on the house, but they are most likely just some kind of critter that took up residence when the last folks moved out. I just love your pictures and I've got my fingers crossed that this little jewel falls right into your hands! I know you'd make it come alive and be a place of great beauty!
    1826 days ago
    emoticon Love the house emoticon
    1826 days ago
    very nice. I hope if things don't work out with your house, you end up with this one.

    You have good taste.
    1826 days ago
    What a great house for you. It would be fun to decorate. Lots of interesting spaces. Loved the pictures. emoticon
    1826 days ago
    OMG I LOVE it too!!! but wow the front view is decieving if that last pic is the house. I thought it was a small house. OMG it looks huge from outside. Boy our downsizing is living in a shoebox to you. hubby is drawing plans for a 384 sq ft cottage on our land to live in when we aren't living in our 5th wheel! LOL But this house is so cute but sure do hope that they were smart enough to do the plumbing and electric cos be a shame to have to redo stuff that appears so well finished. and btw I love your hutch it is so cute too.
    Guess what will be will be.... and I can't imagine what you live in now! know I have seen pics of your craft room which is probably as big as our livign room. Awesome. and yea B&B are a lot of work. I always wanted to do one. but hubby says no way. and no $$ now. lol
    HUGS thanks for the pics!
    1826 days ago
    Adorable. Good for you.
    1826 days ago
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