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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hallie Genevieve is my baby.

She is listening better and better every day. She doesn't obey your typical commands. Instead of sit she responds to PARK IT and she plants her butt down.
She does do a few tricks, shake hello, and I ask her Whadd ya say she'll bark for her treats.
She doesn't go to her bed she goes to her COACH command. If she gets into something or gets too curious about something she shouldn't, like an open garbage bag All I have to say is LEAVE IT.
But she can be sly too LOL If I've sent her to her couch but she hears me but can't see what I'm doing in the kitchen I'll hear her half slide off of her couch with her front feet resting on the floor. I'll stick my head around the corner and say What did mom say. She slowly slithers off the couch and slinks into the kitchen and lays at my feet.
As long as she's laying there quiet not getting under foot I don't pay no mind.

Tykia Carrare Lynn

is Walt's dog mostly but when he's in his cave she doesn't always want to be there so if I'm sitting in my chair like I am at the moment she is curled up asleep on the back of my neck and shoulders. I have a natural neck roll LOL When she wants her treat she sits perfectly still on her back legs like a gopher.
But she listens very well. And some is sign language.

Riley O'Rourke

is very obedient. He was trained when we got him from his previous owner who just didn't have time for him anymore nor did she really care for him because he was her X's dog and all she did was holler at the poor little guy.
He does respond to sign but also voice commands. His bed command is BASKET.
He dances for his treats.
He has these brown eyes that just tug on the heart and speak volumes. I just don't understand how he could go unloved.

Each of the cats
Talker my Main Man

He is now 11 years old still my Talker more so He loves the outdoors. His favorite spot is the top of my linen closet in the bathroom walks the shower ridgepole to get there.
He sits on the edge of the sink waiting for me to turn the tap on just fast enough for him to drink from the running water.

Georgie Anne

also 11 is my oldest mama Loves the outdoors and would disappear for the entire spring summer and fall and show up for the winter months.
Two years ago she came home with a frost bit year so her one ear is shorter than the other now.
She is my most persistent one very vocal When she wants your lap it doesn't matter what you are doing She will push herself in until she has your full lap. She'll lay right on top of my laptop she don't care.

Grizland O"Reilly

is very quiet but he gets his message across when he wants something trust me Especially when he wants his lovin's. He comes and paws and pulls at your hand curls up in your lap and then turns himself inside out looking up at you backwards until you pet him.

Pockets Bagera

is very vocal when he wants your attention for something and he loves to butt his head against you and ten flop over on his back because he loves his belly rubbed. He will also flop on command. I'll say Baggie FLOP and over he goes.

Mini Mouse

oh this is my most adamant. she will push her head under your hand and won't stop until she gets her attention. And it isn't just a pat on the head she wants er entire body rubbed down from her face to the tip of her tail! She is also my little kleptomaniac. She steals everything that isn't nailed down to play with!

Serena Marie

keeps her distance most times but when she wants her attention it's mostly at night just before we are to fall asleep. She comes and plops herself down on top of me and gives me kisses on my hands and wants to be petted until SHE says OK that's enough and then I get nipped.

Pantera Rose
is very much to herself but is gradually coming out of her shell. But she cowers when you pet her but she will allow you to get close to er pick her up and old er for shot periods.

Keisha Elizabeth

is my Ebony Persian very different from all the others. She has a very distinct cry all of her own. And I think she is bi-sexual because when Serena Marie goes into heat she figures she can mate her. OIY!

And that is my family of "kids" See why I need to be out in the country? LOL

We lost our Denver Colorado

2 years ago He had adrenal Cancer at age 12 He was a very quiet Cocker Spaniel/poodle cross Very seldom barked actually.

And more recently my Kenucky

Poor poor little fellow He wasn't quiet a year old and his little body just gave out on him e was in need of more vitamins and minerals and I missed it. He started eating the clumping kitty litter to compensate and of course it started blocking up his intestinal track so it didn't matter ow much e ate or drank e wouldn't put on weight. Breaks my heart.


just up and disappeared one day. He had been a lost kitten our Tykia brought home during the night one night and he just stayed. Turned into a beautiful huge black and white tom. I had him to the vet and made sure he was healthy with all his shots and neutered.

We've had at least a dozen other beautiful cats, dogs that we found very good homes for over the 12 years we've lived in Coronation and every one of them were either strays or rescues.



Grey Feather



Half n' Half









Half Pint

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  • PHOENIX1949
    Pleased to meet your fur-family members, past and present.
    1886 days ago
    I love all your furbabies, what a variety!! They are all adorable, thank you for sharing your own "pet parade"!
    1887 days ago
    These are absolutely WONDERFUL!

    Do you know I've actually seen ads for apartments that say, 'no pets or plants?'

    The unconditional love that they have (plants, too, in their way), and the oxygen given off by the plants....all lost to those apartment dwellers!

    So sad for them.

    emoticon emoticon
    1887 days ago
    I love them all, so darn cute.
    1887 days ago
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