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Winter to Spring 5% Challenge ~

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The results are in!

When I started this challenge, I fully felt that I would reach my overall goal of 135. It was only 9 pounds for pete's sake. While that particular goal was not met, here are some of the big changes that DH and I were able to eek out in the past eight weeks.

We played "Caveman Survivor" for the entire challenge (it was fun). The actual Caveman (Paleo) diet, calls for eating all meat, fruits, veggies and nuts. We added the "survivor" part and at times during the 8 weeks we added beans, pancakes and a small amount of bread, cereal and milk. DH ended the challenge 17 pounds lighter, ran many miles on the treadmill and feels much healthier overall. I lost a total of six pounds and feel READY for my first two 5K runs coming up in the next two weeks. I was able to still lose weight while battling a knee injury. I was able to quickly improve my time for running, walking a 5K and ~ Woo Hoo!

Six weeks ago, DH and I quit all alcohol consumption. Even after all our dietary improvements, DH still had a high triglyceride count in his most recent cholesterol test. This was reason to make the change and test if we can improve his numbers. For me, not so radical, although a drink (or three) in the evening had become a concrete habit. Dave's habit had been all of his adult life, so it was notable for him to "up and quit" one day. Easier than we thought, we do not miss it ~ Woo Hoo!

We both feel so much lighter and brighter not eating bread, white flour and dairy. I am sure that we will follow a Mediterranean diet plan (minus red wine, for now) from here forward. A little bread and cheese now and then, please!

Oh - and I must not forget. I decluttered the pantry and my closet. Thank you DianedoesSmiles for getting the ball rolling. Collecting and storing kitchen items from My Mom and Aunt Vera, mixing them with my own from over the years, saving them in the pantry, had become its own insanity. It took me an entire week of having every kitchen counter and the whole kitchen and living room floor taken up with stuff, but I got ’er done ~ Woo Hoo!

Thank you to all SUDS team mates for their cheer and daily mojo to get the job done!!!

You Can’t spell CHALLENGE without CHANGE !!! Woo Hoo!
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