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The Glo Run - Race Report

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Last night I did The Glo Run in National Harbor, Maryland. It was a total fun run - no chips, no timing strips, there wasn't even a clock at the finish line. There were three of us who did it together and we had a great time.

However ...

First, I really did NOT like the course. First off, no one mentioned that about half of it was a trail run. It goes back past all the buildings onto gravel and dirt about a half mile in, then back to road for awhile, then finishes along a gravel trail. I already have knee issues - there's a reason I don't do trail running. By the end my knees were screaming.

Second, most of the course was on fairly narrow trails, and there were WAY too many people clumped together. I get that it's a fun run and I knew a lot of people would be walking it. In hindsight, we should have gone way to the front since we were planning on running a good chunk of it, but I'm so used to being one of the slowest runners on the course it's my natural instinct to stick to the back of the pack. What ended up happening was that groups of 4-8 walkers would block the entire path and no one could get around them.

They did start people in waves, but the waves were about 15 seconds apart, and they didn't do any announcements to encourage runners to the front and walkers to the back. We planned to run three minutes and walk one, but at least one minute out of every three minute running block we got stuck behind walkers and had to walk ourselves.

Third, far too much of the course was DARK. Especially on the trail parts there were muddy parts and then the already narrow path got totally screwed up because people couldn't see the mud until the last possible second and then the whole crowd shifted and the funnel slowed everyone down.

On the upside, the blacklight tents we ran through were fun, there were DJs and speakers along the course, and the volunteers along the way insisted on high-fiving everyone which was pretty cool.

In the end we actually did 3.22 miles because of all the weaving we did, and we did it in a pathetically slow 47 minutes.

Overall it was fun, but next time I know I need to get way up front to avoid the crowds. And I'll bring a head lamp.
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