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Avoiding SparkPeople like the plague...

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I've been avoiding you guys...

Well not all of you wonderful people, just the site

For the past 3 weeks I've been in denial about what I've been putting into my body.

For the past 3 weeks I've been binging and eating whatever I want. When I say whatever I want, I mean WHATEVER I want...

Its almost like I've been telling myself that everything had 0 calories.

I haven't tracked ANYTHING and I can tell whatever I am putting into my body is NOT doing my body any good. My hands and feet are swollen (a definite sign I've been consuming too much sodium), I am tired ALL the time, and my pants are tighter, my stomach is getting bigger, and I can see myself swelling in my face and arms.

Before this binge started, I had the best 2 weeks in a long time! I lost 8 pounds of mostly water weight, I felt better, had more energy, and people started to notice! Then I had my "cheat" day of the week, and it ALL went downhill from there. One cheat day turned into two, turned into three, turned into...twenty-one?!

I've been avoiding this site, not wearing my fit bit, and not packing my lunches for work. I get so lazy and lack motivation. Which I am not sure how I lack motivation because I feel so bad about myself.

I guess I just don't believe in myself enough....

So, don't worry. I'm still here. Barely...
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    Well the hard part about this journey is that no one can do it for you. If your heart isn't in it and you can't make yourself avoid things that you know you should be avoiding, you're sunk. There's not any pep talk, or video that's going to put your mind right, it's entirely up to you. You have to do it for reasons that mean enough to you to go through the cravings without giving in. I wish it were easier and that we all could help, but the truth is that each of us must make the decisions that effect us, we either dig in our heels and continue on or we throw in the towel and walk away, back to the life that we thought we wanted to break free from.

    I believe you can do it, the question is, do YOU believe you can do it?
    1856 days ago

    It sucks that your avoiding us like the plague, but the way I see it (when I avoid too). I suck it up and post what I ate so I can hold myself accountable.. I didn't post this week. But I did write in my blog what I ate yesterday ( a lot of bad stuff). I had ice cream on Thursday night, which Im happy about because I feel like I deserved it.

    But Try doing this instead, instead of a whole cheat day, try a cheat meal, once a week. Hold yourself accountable. Post that you ate it and go from there.

    Think about it, your the only one that can keep yourself accountable, so do it, even if you feel bad. Feeling bad means you actually want to meet your goals, now push for it! You CAN DO IT! My background on my computer is my 7 month old son, because I know that deep down I want to be healthy for when he grows up, I want to be a good role model, and my phone background is my new motto (Quit Slackin' & Make Sh** Happen)

    It makes me hold myself accountable. Find something that does and jump back on the bandwagon!

    I have Subscribed to your blog -- I will try and help keep you accountable too emoticon emoticon
    1857 days ago
  • K1TT3N
    We all hit bumps int he road. I also have done this a few times. It has gotten better. Just try and start again when your ready and just try to beat your longest streak by one day .. then another and another. I did this with work outs , I set a goal to put post it notes on my bedroom door for everyday I did 10 minutes of workout, and the 1st time .. I messed up .. I tried again and I am on day 224. Keep pushing , keep trying .. you are doing well .. the 1st step to fixing the problem you see is knowing it is there, and you have done that.... you can do this, and if ya need support .. I am here .. yo can email or message.
    Have a great day and Keep Sparking
    1857 days ago
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