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Bibbulmun Trek, Week Three, Days Three, Four, and Five..and two more to go.:)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I gotta say looking back over this week, it has been an adventure packed week. Several of us kept getting lost. We all got found again, and made our way back to the group, but let me tell, there were some scary moments and just a wee bit of fear, knowing that we had gotten separated from the group. But, we are a strong group with a strong bond, and none ever stayed lost for long. I think there were rumors of a couple of people fallling into some water and getting wet, but that was okay. It was a very hot day and the wet was welcomed, at least for a while.

Day Three: Tuesday
Okay, a big late getting up this morning. We were talking late into the night. Giggling and wondering what would happen if of us ran into a redback spider in the dunny. Needless to say, there were shivers galore. I bet even more so than if we were telling ghost stories...since I do not like spiders either. Well,I know they are good for us and helpful, but they gotta stay in their space and not invade mine...
I am not very hungry this morning but I can hear the rest of the trekkers about...getting around, so I am guessing that any moment one or another of the group will come in and roust me up, so I get up grudgingly.....Wellllll, grudgingly until I remember that today we head into Collie.....where we will have warm showers...and fresh hot food. So, no need for the second call, Gail and Bonbon. I am up and dressed in a flash.
I checked us into our rooms and Gail went straight to bed. Probably that late night last night...we did stay up way late but she will be able to make up for it here in that comfortable bed. We are staying at the Collie Forest Motel. www.colliemotel.c
I almost called it the Collie Forest Hilton, thinking about the Yaragill Hilton, but our accommodations here are much nicer and much more comfy. Bonbon is out exploring, which I also intend to do as soon as I take a shower, put on clean clothes and go see about getting some tucker. I really like it here; it is so quiet and peaceful. According to my notes, we are just a short distance from the heart of Collie and is set in a quiet peaceful area of local bushland. I checked Gail, Bonbon and me into a family apartment, though we do not plan on doing any self catering. We definitely got to check out of the local food stops.

I've heard that Henri's Restaurant which is right next to Collie Motel is really good. So I am off to check it out. Collie's Motel is located in the town of Collie. It seems walking is in order, but hey, by now, walking is the name of the game, so, now I am off to explore. First stop is the Collie River Valley Visitor Centre to find out what the local attractions are.

Of course, since the Collie Railway Museum is right next to the Visitor Centre, it seemd appropriate to drop in to see the recently refurbished steam engines and coal shovel. Collie is well known for its coal industry so I couldn't resist. It really took me back to the days of steam engines.

Now, I am off to see about seems not only is Henri's Restaurant an excellent choice, there are also other choices as well. I am finding that Collie is bigger than I had originally thought. They even have a McCafe; now we're talking. or NOT....though it is actually called McDonald's Family Restaurant, so it might be worth checking out. Then there are the Collie Boulevard Cafe, the Corner Cafe, which offers breakfast. lunch and dinner, AND is also the home of John's book exchange, sell and swap.I might just have to check that out, and swap a couple of my books. Then there is the DeOrien Cafe which offers authentic Asian food, as well as western food. I will have to check with Bonbon and Gail to see which they prefer, though I do want to make a book swap stop at John's.

I walk along the river walk for a way as well as checking out the Arboretum, before heading back to the rooms to check on Gail to see how she is doing and to see if Bonbon has come back from her exploring.
We ended up eating at the Henri’s where we saw several of our fellow trekmates, but every one was so engrossed in their meals that we just simply ate. I think the nap must have done Gail some good, for she said her headache was gone.

Day Four: Wednesday
My alarm clock just went off...guess it is time to get up and get in another shower before we eat breakfast and head out. I did swap out a couple good books; got Julia Cameron's Heart Steps and a good mystery novel-- both paperbacks and very lightweight. . Not that I really expect to have any time to read much, but after all, there is always quiet time and time alone.
What a wonderful day to walk......I am humming to myself as we walk along. Gail is still a bit under the weather, but gamely insists that she is well able to walk. I carry the tent as well as a few other items since my backpack is lighter than hers. Probably because all the chocolate is gone, but we trek on, taking in the sights...and what sights they are....

We headed over the Glen Mervyn Dam and then trekked down to the tiny town of Mumballup where we have planned to make a refreshment and pit stop at the Mumballup Forest Tavern. I suppose town is a bit optimistic term for Mumballup....for it really is tiny but there is good food and I think we all are ready for this pit stop. We had gotten Henri’s to pack us lunches for today, so I didn’t eat too much here. But it was nice to have a pit stop where we did not have to watch out for red backed spiders.

Good thing we fueled our tanks, for the next part of the trek was ..well, uphill, to put it mildly......or can I even say "mildly" in the same sentence as that climb through farmland to Noggerup Conservation Park. We passed through virgin Jarrah forest......that is fantastic that there is still some virgin forest left. Kind of surprising in a way, but I am very thankful, for the forest is truly magnificent. Once again, I am in awe and have no need to talk or even sing, for my mind is taking in all the beauty around me. Words absolutely cannot describe this place.

By the time we finally reach our campsite, we are all ready to pitch our tents and eat a quick bite, for with that big breakfast I ate and the food Henri's had packed for us as well as the wee bite we had at Mumballup Forest Tavern. Yeah, Yeah, I just like saying the name...:0 I am still full though I did work most of it off, but only a light meal for me tonight.

Day Five: Thursday
For some reason, I have very few notes for day five. I think that this is the day that I got lost..and really got turned around. When I finally made it to into Balingup, it seemed that I was a day ahead, but that could not be right…..I’ve walked all day and it is day five…so how is it that I ended up ahead. That is really spooky, or it would be if I cared to think about it, which I do not. Or maybe I just dreamed it....
Did somebody call my name? sorry that I got so far behind, but I just could not taking more shots of that pink enamel orchid. You can correct me, Ann, if you know that it could not possibly be that; but if not, what could it be. It is the Pink enamel orchid. Gorgeous, isn't it? Why are you looking at me like that....?? Of course, I didn't pick it.....I just took several photos of it.

... wow those are some gorgeous and interesting flowers. Love those wooly head and blue devil flowers.

Looking at my pictures again......hmmm, I think you're right, Ann.....these are pink fairy orchids. It is gorgeous and pretty awesome in its own rights. I cannot believe the incredible variety of orchids we have seen just growing in the wild.

Were you looking for me, Gail? I just got lost a wee bit but found my way back. I didn't think that I was gone that long, but I do tend to lose track of time out here.

Why is everyone looking at me so strangely? Do I have something on my hat? Eeeeek!! Get it offf!!! Oh ! it's a butterfly.........well, don't move and get a picture of it. Please?
looking around furtively......What was that? Are you sure there are no really ferocious wild animals in these forests that we need to be afraid of? *shivers* :0 Of course, come to think about it. They would be sure to stay far, far away from our group, since we are almost always singing.......Okay, I am almost always singing.:)

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    Joan, it is a pleasure to read your Blogs. And you are so sweet to let me rest in Collie. I did enjoy that dip in the stream, Was it you that pushed me?

    1859 days ago
    Just lovely! You are such a grand story teller. I feel like I am there with you.
    1860 days ago
    great thanks
    1860 days ago
    Another good blog Joan. You tell it like it happened and its fun to read it. Keep it going for next week. Look forward to seeing you on the trail emoticon
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team
    1860 days ago
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