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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Eating and exercise are on track. Dinner was roasted turnips in Chinese wine vinegar, thyme, garlic, and paprika with a side of broccoli and an orange. It came in at 365 calories, and two hours later, I am still full! Six day exercise streak is complete so I am resting today, and another pound bit the dust! Well I guess I did kind of exercise as my fitbit was smiling really big at me after putting laundry away. I was rocking out with my mp3 for about an hour and got my little gadget pretty excited, so yeah, I prob unintentionally burned there, lol, I will have to check my charts later.

All in all a pretty good day! John and the girls are playing rocket ship right now; they are so cute, lol. Not having a father for the first six years of my life had left its mark, but God is so faithful and watching John play with the girls and hearing them all giggle is always such a special treat. Plus the redeeming qualities in it are well, mind blowing really. It’s another story in the making! I’ve even got the title “Imaging Life with a Daddy”

Getting ready to watch “A Matter of Size”, it’s an Israeli comedy about Sumo wrestlers I picked up at the library. I am excited to watch it because it is a foreign film, and John and I really get into out of country well, everything, lol. So yeah, should be fun. Took some vitamins I picked up at GNC for energy and metabolism because of my mood hoping the boost will help lift my spirits. Sometimes I abhor being a woman because no matter how well you feed yourself spiritually, mentally, or physically it seems there are just times when you are not on top of your game. Oh, well, Annie’s “Tomorrow” isn’t my favorite Broadway musical hit for nothing!

Hope you are having a good day. Sharing my thoughts and feelings always makes me feel better, so I am glad to have cleared my chest for today. Took some more before and after photos. These two pics represent 36 pounds shed. I did not snap a shot at my heaviest, so I can not show the actual 44 pound loss :(, but I'm sure at time goes by you will see the whittling away become more and more pronounced. In the meantime, know how incredibly important you are to me, and that if you ever need to down load something on me, lol, I am here because I sure am happy to have a place where I can download and be held accountable to others myself! Carpe Diem!

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