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Don't Drive Drunk

Saturday, April 20, 2013

First off, my condolences to Boston. I haven't posted anything about that yet. So glad they caught the second suspect! Healing will take time over there, but at least they can breathe a collective sigh of relief right now.

Anyways, I was hit by a drunk driver early Thursday morning.

We'd just finished up the first paper route and were on our way to the next one when the other car just came flying around the corner. To call his speed excessive would be an understatement. He ended up drifting and skidding sideways down the center of the road. I hit the brakes but there was nowhere to go, and he slammed into me. I hate that moment where you can see it coming and know it's going to hurt and there's just nothing you can do about it except sit there and take it.

The car is a total loss. It breaks my heart; it was my first car! We're okay, though. Hubs is sore but alright. The dog was sitting on his lap and got the full force of the airbag, but other than a minor abrasion he's fine too. My knee is scuffed and my foot is badly bruised to where I can't really walk much on it and I was off work for two days, but nothing is broken at least.

I know I was screaming when the accident happened (I actually thought there was a fire in the car somewhere and I couldn't open my door so I was losing my s**t; fortunately it was just dirty yucky airbag fumes), and I *thought* Hubs was as well. He told me later that it was the dog that was screaming, though. I swear, I never want to hear that sound coming out of my dog again. I don't know how he'll feel about riding in a car again, but Friday morning he went out to Hubby's car and was just ready to go. I know he's okay physically, and I hope he'll be alright psychologically as well. (We'll try a car ride with him on Monday.)

There was another car ahead of us that saw what happened and stopped and called the police and EMTs for us and acted as witnesses. Another paper carrier came and took us home so we could get Hubby's car and go to the ER. The other driver was arrested for DUI. To his credit he did stay and was very remorseful.

Insurance should cover medical bills. My car is not worth a whole lot of money, though...not enough to buy another car like it (it was a '97 Mitsubishi Mirage with well over 200,000 miles on it, and it was my baby...). I said my final goodbye to it on Friday. I cried the whole way home after we grabbed my stuff out of the trunk. It was my first car.

I have managed to keep my exercise streak going. On Thursday I ended the day doing some upper body stuff with dumbbells for 10 minutes. On Friday a BFF gave me crutches and took me shopping. Crutches give you a workout! So I logged a walk for that day, since "walking with crutches" wasn't on the fitness tracker. I was sweaty and tired after that!

Here's what my car looks like now:

I was SUPPOSED to blog about all the pretty flowers we saw on Monday and Tuesday, but life just sucks sometime. I will post pretty flowers on my next blog (probably tomorrow) and it will be much less depressing; I promise.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looking at the car I can say "THANK GOD NOBODY was hurt worse than they were"!
    Was the DUI driver injured? They usually walk away TOTALLY unscathed!
    I know how you feel about the car. I lost a car due to an IDIOTIC driver. My car was parked & THANK GOD no one was in it, or there WOULD have been a fatality! THAT was how bad the damage was. I cried the next day, too.It's so hard when something you work for & PAID FOR is suddenly RIPPED AWAY FROM YOU; esp. thru NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN! Good Luck getting a new car & I hope you heal well.
    1887 days ago
    Wow, what a horrible story. The part about your dog screaming really got me. I am glad that no one was seriously hurt. So very scary.
    1888 days ago
    DWI is a serious issue in the States. In my part of the country many drunk drivers don't have a drivers license or insurance. We are blessed to have so few fatalities but messed up knees, hips, backs and necks are something that haunt the injured for years. When we get in our late 50's and early 60's the former abuse becomes an active issue. I try the cases and so few defendants are remorseful about the act just getting caught.
    1888 days ago
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