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Why Are There Skirts on Plus Size Swimsuits?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Do people think they really hide anything? I mean come on, we're already plus sized, I don't think the top two inches of my thighs being hidden is going to change anything. And I mean no offence to anyone that chooses this type of swimsuit, but I always think they're silly.

Today I was shopping online for a plus-size swimsuit that had a high chest for lap swimming (so you don't have to worry about whether the girls are safely in the suit or making their own peepshow to the 13 year old boys playing nearby...). I ended up finding a lovely one at swimsuitsforall.com (it's the black and white floral one if you're interested, lol).

Anyway, while I'm sifting through all the suits I was really stunned by how many of them have a little skirt that basically covers maybe the top 1 to 2 inches of your thigh. Some are longer - these they give a special name to a 'skirtini' - whatever the heck that is. Kind of sounds like a drink but no... I myself have always gone for a nice basic 1-piece suit, maybe with a little colour or design on it, sometimes with a halter neck if I can find it, but no ruffled bottoms or skirt thingies on them. I also don't really get the two piece ones with the tank top type of thing and the bottoms. Granted I've never tried to swim in them, so I could be wrong but all I think about is my tight fitting tank tops that I already have and they roll up so easily - wouldn't the swimsuit one roll up too? I would think it would be hard to do laps in a pool when you're concerned that your belly is hanging out (it's bad enough to be distracted about whether your boobs are causing a peepshow).

So tell me - skirt or no skirt? Which do you go for and why? And if you go for the skirt type - do you really think it's hiding anything?

I'm curious.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like to wear swim shorts (made of kind of like lycra) kind of like biking shorts but made for swimming and with no padding with a swim top that i bought. I really love them. i would feel way to uncomfortable wearing just a bathing suit.
    1820 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/28/2013 11:19:06 AM
    I like to wear what they call a swimdress. It's the same thing as a swimsuit with a skirt basically, only it's longer.

    I'd like to think it covers more than just a little bit of the top of my thigh, but that's probably what it does.

    I have this weird fat lump on one leg that never used to be there that I hope it hides.

    But I caught someone possibly snapping a cell phone photo of me in my swimsuit once. I pretended like it didn't happen, but I'm pretty sure it did. Oh the horror, the thought of a photo of me in a swimsuit floating around the Internet. I sure hope that guy was doing something else and it just looked like he was photographing me.

    So I don't know if it does the job or not. I know it won't make me look skinny for sure, but I do hope it hides at least the one imperfection that I bought it for. If not, ignorance is bliss! :)
    1837 days ago
  • ARW715
    I don't mind skirts, but I hate when the bottoms are cut too high.
    1843 days ago
    I mostly hate the skirts because they provide extra drag when doing laps (BOO!) and stay wet a long time and stick to you and are gross when at the beach/pool (double BOO!).

    Yeah. HATE them.

    I have a one piece I love, it's sporty (there's a pic of me in it on my blog now!) and a two piece I also love, because it's actually a three piece. The bottoms are high, comes up all the way under the bust, so no rolling down and flashing your belly, the tank is well made, not too low cut, and runs big so it doesn't roll up. The third piece is an honest to god underwire SWIM BRA. Best $80 I have ever spent in my entire LIFE. (for the bra. each piece is 60-80 so the entire suit is ~$220 US. I love swimming and the beach, so, SO WORTH IT.)

    I got it at bare necessities .com. I think the brand is "Elomi" - if you look at their plus size collection it will be fairly obvious which one it is. The sizing is generous - if you go by your measurements and the chart, the bra and bottoms will fit nicely, and the tank top will be a bit big. At least on me, but I'm hourglass shaped so I don't have much belly.

    It is my favorite expensive thing I have ever bought myself. I have the black bottoms and bra, and two different color tank tops. SO CUTE! I'll upload pics soon.

    oh yeah, the sporty one piece also came from bare necessities. I think the brand name is freya. It's boss! I fall out of EVERYTHING, but both of these suits keep me relatively contained even when wet, and even as the suits get a bit more worn and stretch a little. WOOOOO!
    1846 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Okay! This interesting and timely.
    I just had an email conversation with the Customer relations manager Cher at Swimsuits for All. I just came out and said that 90% of the selection for plus size was boring. Black suits with high necks look like battle ships on the white sand against blue skies. We didn't discuss skirts but some can look cute depends on where they start and how long they go and what you want to hide.

    My main beef with Cher was the need for brighter fabrics, sexier styles and stop making nothing but matronly swimsuits that cover up and look horrible in process.

    So ladies if you see great suits at swimsuits for all in the future I will take a little credit. emoticon
    1847 days ago
    I'm not a fan of skirts on swimsuits, my own or others'. No judging, of course - everyone should wear what makes them feel comfortable. But I can't say they're my favorite if one were to ask my opinion on the matter (unlikely).
    1853 days ago
    I learned how to swim late in life and that skirt does not help you. And it's not just on plus size swimsuits - it's on any swimmie that basically is sold to a woman who feels bad about the top of her thighs (If modesty is your reason, cool). I feel like getting a swimmie like that is like being caught in a bad cycle - you end up feeling bad about your thighs even more, so no skirt for me! I wore some serious aquatic swimmie for my lessons- it was not flattering and even though I sized up it felt like putting a wet suit on.
    I think people (read, me) need to stop feeling bad about themselves in a swimsuit or in any darn piece of clothing - I refused to wear a sports bra running because I dislike my tummy. But there will always be bigger and smaller tummies than mine bared during a run and honestly, if we all worried a little less, I think we would all get out there a little more.
    1855 days ago
  • JUNEBUG160
    My older sister told me that I should wear them when I was 14 and skinny because it hides the saddle bags (she had but mentally transferred on to me making me think I was fat). Stupid really. I buy one piece for swimming laps just like you. I actually had that issue of the girls escaping from the last new suit I bought. So disappointing, waste of money. I do like 2 piece with boy short bottoms though for the shaving issue since red heads do not do well with shaving or waxing in that area.
    1855 days ago
    I have to agree with you on the shirts. I had to buy a swimming suit last year to take aquacise classes at the Y & just couldn't make myself seriously consider one with a skirt. The're OK if that's what you like, but not for me.
    1856 days ago
    I can take them or leave them. I just bought my first swimsuit (in the past 20 years) and it looks pretty decent on me, considering it's a 3XL ( black with lavender and emerald green stripes along the sides, no skirt). Had to have one if I wanted to swim at the gym. I've just got to get over changing in the ladies dressing room now. emoticon
    1857 days ago
    I'm not a fan of skirts on swimsuits. Haven't seen one I liked yet. If anything they draw attention to a problem because they are different...

    I love tankinis and haven't had an issue with one rolling yet. I prefer a tankini to a one piece when we go south, because most days at the resort I'm wearing it all day - going to a public washroom is much simpler.
    1857 days ago
    I agree with Success_in_2013, I don't like to shave either. Plus, regular swimsuit bottoms make me feel overly exposed. I wish women's bottoms could be like mens: shorts with underwear. Also, I wish swim tops were more like surf shirts: formfitting and with sleeves so that I wouldn't have to shave my pits.
    1857 days ago
    My BFF just bought the cutest ever bathing suit ... with a skirt. No it is REALLY cute and very slimming on her as well. She's a big girl with a big tummy too but I was with her at JCPenney when she bought it and tried it on I loved it. It had a V-neck as well and yes the little skirt hide about 2-3 inches of upper thigh but I have to tell you it was very atractive on her. When I am bathing suit ready I will def try one on like it. I have a lot of loose skin though that just scares me off of swim suits right now.

    Good luck with yours.
    1857 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    The best swim suit I ever had was a one piece from Lands End that had matching shorts. I wore them together and felt very comfortable- they were both the stretchy nylon material but heavier than some material I've seen.
    My mother (refer to comments on your last blog I made) always put me in a skirted swimsuit which went back to hiding my butt! Skirts also cut you off in a weird area and make your short legs look shorter and fatter- my opinion.

    1857 days ago
    Shopping for swimsuits is always daunting. Never did find a skirted one that I like. Best arm yourself with a good drink of that skirtini before going shopping. lol
    1857 days ago
    I like the ones with the skirts, but you're right, they don't hide anything. I don't know, I think they give you the illusion that you're more covered than you really are. Lol.

    Have fun swimming!!
    1857 days ago
    I always get the skirts. Its not to hide my legs though. I just feel more comfortable with the skirt because I don't like to shave and ppl tend to be so offended if they see hair. I have a fat friend though who always wears a bikini, and I LOVE that about her. I love it that she is so confident and doesn't worry about her belly showing or anything.
    1857 days ago
    Like you, I think most people aren't doing themselves any favors by wearing the suits with the skirts. Since I'm pretty modest, I actually like the tankinis with bottoms that look like shorts. I prefer the shorts because I like to keep my buns covered.

    So far, with the tankinis, I haven't had a top that rolled. Maybe I've been lucky, but I am not a "serious" swimmer.
    1857 days ago
  • VANNOS32
    I always thought the skirts on swimsuits just make everything down below look bigger, especially if the woman wearing it is pear-shaped to begin with.
    Personally, I have solved the problem of lousy bathing suits forever - I stopped swimming. Being in chlorinated swimming pools made my psoriasis worse and I never liked to swim in lakes or ponds anyway (hey, I'm a girly girl and there are THINGS in that water!).
    Anyway, enjoy your new suit when you get it! Hope you have a great weekend.
    1857 days ago
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