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Drop 10 lbs and get a bikini body in 5 weeks!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh boy! There’s an attention getting article! (not on SP)
I’m already in goal range and at my age I’m not going bikini shopping, but just what would I have to do to achieve this?

The 2 cardio sessions described were intensive, but doable, basically interval training.
I can do that – check!

Now the strength training – 3 times a week.
I believe in that and I’m up for a challenge.

“Use 8 – 10 lb dumbbells in each hand”
Well, I’ll start with lighter ones until I get the moves down. I know that form is important.

1) Conch shell – squat, twist upper body, weights from outside of knee to overhead and back. Then the other side. 3 sets of 12. Uh oh – I can only do 24 but it’s something to work up to.

2) Leg lifts with upper torso off the floor supported by one arm. No weights here.
3 sets of 12 on EACH side. 72 of anything will take awhile. I’m nowhere near that many.

3) Split and reach – Now I’m balancing on my butt with legs split in the air in a V while doing crunches holding a dumbbell. 36 of these? Not today, but let’s see what else there is.

4) Let’s make a “U” – I’m lying on my stomach lifting chest and legs at the same time. Elbows are on the floor and legs are curling toward my butt. I don’t know if 36 of these will ever be in my future. Maybe I’m not “alphabet ready” yet?

5) Now I’m making a “T” by standing on one leg with the other leg straight out behind me “making a straight line from heel to head.” I don’t have a mirror, but I think my “T” is tipsy. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be holding my dumbbells straight out to either side and bring knee to chest and back out again. How many times? Of course, it’s 36. Only 32 to go.

6) OMG! Another “T” but this time my head is on the floor and the leg in the air is supposed to kick up and out at a 45 degree angle. Even one of these doesn’t feel safe.

Oh well, I don’t discourage easily, but realistically being able to complete this program means I’ll have to aim for bikini season 2014.

If there’s anyone out there who could jump into this program as written, wouldn’t they have a “bikini body” already?

If anyone is interested in trying this, I found it in the April issue of Self magazine. Maybe we can follow YOUR progress?
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