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Bad news/Good news

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad news: My Diabetes Counselor through the Concord Hospital costs $139 out of pocket. My insurance covers $22 of this expense. When I had good insurance, I never was concerned about how much the hospital was charging since it was covered 100% by my insurance policy.

Good news: I am responsible for my own health, and will continue to educate myself on how to lower by glucose. Spark People helps me to be responsible and accountable for my health.

The very good news is that I have great health, and will continue to work on staying healthy by eating right, exercising regularly and educating myself. If I had to choose between good health or a good health insurance policy, I'd choose health.

I would prefer having both. emoticon
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  • LINDAM.1
    My insurance is great and will pay for one visit with the diabetes counselor after they say I am. I have not found a book or web sight that addresses Heart healthy and diabetic healthy equally. Good hunting.
    1823 days ago
  • POPSY190
    It's a pity about the insurance, but you are right - the best thing you can do is work on learning about the condition so that you can take responsibility for yourself and your health.
    1824 days ago
  • JOANIE69
    This blog sparked some interesting and helpful advice. I agree that there is lots of info out there for us, and also that we have to take responsibility for our own health. Thank God for Spark People and the internet with all the info we need at our fingertips and for free! Now we just have to get it all together in that organ we call the brain, and make the info work for us! Blessings and prayers for your success...you can lick that Diabetes 2...many have!
    1824 days ago
    My heart goes out to you when I see how much they are messing with so many people's plans right now. Disturbing... but I guess it's good to look at it as an excuse to work on these health habits... emoticon

    Your attitude is pretty good. emoticon
    1824 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    Many others are this way too!
    1824 days ago
    It is well with you
    1825 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    One thing I've learned in recent years is that lousy health insurance causes me to be more concerned about maintaining my own excellent health, lest I need their expensive services. Also that their expensive services aren't needed nearly as often as they would have us believe.

    You've got this one. You're doing great.
    1825 days ago
    Fortunately, we live in a world where we have access to sound sources of information that help us manage our lives. The counselor is nice, but we can do this on our own!
    1825 days ago
    I bet in short order you will know more than the counselor.
    Keep up the great attitude.
    1825 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    Have you read Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman

    The Starch Solution by John A. Mc Dougall ( there are other books)

    Keep up the great work emoticon emoticon
    1825 days ago
    Let me add my endorsement of Gary Taube's approach to the role of carbohydrates and the American health scene. I'm glad you've ordered the book.

    I'm sure you're aware that the American Diabetes Association is big on diabetes education. They may have some tools that you can use instead of the program that your insurance no longer covers fully.


    Your attitude is great. Let's hear about your ongoing successes!
    1825 days ago
    I will third the recommendation re: WHY WE GET FAT by Gary Taubes. Have read that book too (in addition to THE SUGAR SOLUTION by Dr. Mark Hyman). They both make perfect sense!

    Sorry to hear about your insurance company. I think collectively, we could come up with about a million "insurance wars" stories. But I think you said it best. Ultimately we are responsible for our own health and educating ourselves is the best way to stay healthy! So . . . keep that up.

    It just gripes me as a healt care professional that the whole concept of preventive medicine as a way to reign in health care costs is so totally lost now-a-days! The cost to treat the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes, for example, far exceeds the investment in educating patients about how to care for themselves via a Diabetic Educator, for example.

    Ok, I could go on (and Lordy I sure could!), but I'll step down off the soap box.

    HUGS and good for you for educating yourself!
    1825 days ago
    Insurance premiums are out of control compared to the service you get. I worked in the insurance industry for years and the things that get denied for the reasons denied are just crazy.

    You are right that good health is better than a good insurance policy!! Keep up the great job!! You look fabulous and still look way too young to be a grandmother!!!

    1825 days ago
    I'm ordering the book Why We Get Fat ASAP! Thanks!

    1825 days ago
    I share your frustration with insurance companies. In my case, it is dental insurance. I recently had to get a crown, and the insurance isn't paying for it because they classify it as 'optional' treatment. I guess they would have preferred to have pulled my tooth! It's taken care of, but I'm not too happy about what I pay in insurance premium not paying for services.

    I also second GETSTRONGRRR's recommendation on low carb and Taubes' book. I had impending warning signs of metabolic syndrome 3 years ago, but my physical last year showed I was no longer borderline. I'd rather avoid it with food than take medicines and have to deal with more insurance companies!
    1825 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/20/2013 7:57:19 AM
    Expensive but worth it!
    1825 days ago
    Sorry about the expense! Keep that attitude and keep educating yourself!

    You can do this!!
    1825 days ago
    Good attitude.

    Have any of your counselors/nutritionist advocated lowering carb intake to you? My Dad developed Type 2 Diabetes in in 60s, then went on to dialysis in his 70s, so it's a big part of how I handle my health.

    I had indications that i was on that path, so last year made a concerted effort to understand and conquer it. I read about the effect of carbs & glucose on insulin levels, so I greatly lowered my carb intake.

    At my last physical, all warning signs of adult onset diabetes had disappeared.

    I like Gary Taubes book "Why we get fat"

    Good luck
    1825 days ago
    Yes we do have to educate our self's about food and exercise There is to much grap basing as food and unhealthy diet fast fixes fast put not healthy
    1825 days ago
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