Thursday - one day late

Friday, April 19, 2013

Well, in spite of gnarly cramps, yesterday was pretty awesome.... apparently Thursday was being kind... but Friday is being a butt. Woke up with my face all wet from tears, head screaming - my shoulder is jacked and pushing on stuff and triggering a migraine.

I drank water, stretched took ibprouphen and my gabapentin - slept a bit longer... finally broke down and took a flexeril. Haven't had one in weeks and weeks so I'm not feeling too guilty and it will probably work better since my tolerance is way down. Gonna have to play today one step at a time and see if the bike even happens. I can push thru a lot of pain - but not brain pain. *sigh*

Supplemental: Just opened my email to find that Ken endorsed me on Linked in.... sent me into a whole new cascade of tears. I still miss all the good stuff soooo much. Especially on a morning ike this. Had to sit and remind myself of all the other realities just to quite crying. I know it will get easier... I know.
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