Friday ...Last day of 5%challenge ...see you at the morning weigh-in tomorrow

Friday, April 19, 2013

I started this 5% challenge thinking I would only be able to climb up on a mentor's back and travel a short distance but have been thrilled to reach the summit of Teddy Bear mountain and part way down the other side
Now I think i should be able to slide back down to ground level and begin my next personal challenge of setting BOUNDARIES and progressing with physical therapy to new levels of physical activity and continue to loose weight.
Like this fella, I am traveling on in my denim overalls [they are my outfit for farmers markets! ] but like him I will always carry a teddy bear close to my heart...many of you have become precious to me and I will keep in touch through SPARKING.
And finally I wanted to share the Market garden as it looks today ...this is our 8 acre farm...the black rows you see are raised beds 300 feet long that will soon be filled with melons, beans, squash, peppers, the big green house has tomato plants above Fred's waist and are forming baby tomatoes as are the cucumbers growing there for early crop. The other field will have potatoes, sweet corn, rhubarb peeking up already and asparagus for first crop...So we are getting ready for a busy summer - Praying the Lord's blessing for our season.
God bless you every one...I will keep Sparking and blogging.
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