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Friday, April 19, 2013

yes,i know i have done really well and im halfway to goal but i feel like a fat freak still or even more because now all my fat skin hangs under my arms and belly,it must all weigh 100 pounds,i get so mad i wish i could just cut it off,i hate how my body looks!!!!i have no hopes of surgery cuz of it never would heal or infections.
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    Don't assume you can't rid yourself of that "empty" tissue!

    I am working with an endocrinologist who has some sort of agreement with a local surgical group which harvests skin for grafts. Since I have SO much tissue (as you describe here) he believes he can report it as a medical condition, which my insurance will pay for - instead of being a cosmetic surgery (which they won't). And the cost should be reasonable since the collection surgeons will be using ("reselling") the removed tissue. Hopefully that will offset the cost to me. I have no doubt that it will be a grueling ordeal. But no more so that carrying around all this "luggage" in excess skin!

    See what you can find out in your locality. It's at least worth checking out.
    emoticon emoticon
    ... on your success!
    1889 days ago
    emoticon remember its a journey not a one day hike and the best part is we are healthy and at a healthy weight.
    1890 days ago
    I guess it is due to age, if you are fairly young that skin will change for the better as time passes - and if I ever get into that stage - wich still is preferable to being fat to me, I guess I would try to find clothes to keep it from giving me sore spots.
    1890 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    It will get better.
    1891 days ago
    Sorry you are having a 'down ' day, those bits that hang off us now are a worry!!! Having them cut off sounds good, but I am glad they are not full of fat anymore.

    Give your self a pamper day where you get a haircut or a facial, sit back and think of how far you have come and what you have learnt, how you have changed and REJOICE in the new you
    1891 days ago
    Hang in there- there's lots and lots of love and support. It's more important to be healthy than anything else. emoticon
    1891 days ago
    It will take time! emoticon emoticon
    1891 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. :)
    1891 days ago
    Be careful what you wish for. I kept saying I wish they could just cut it off. I got 2 kinds of cancer and they had to cut off the fat surrounding my stomach but I still have all this fat on my abdomen and they didn't cut around but straight across so now I have these large pockets on each side of my stomach. I gained back 70 of the 90 pounds I lost with chemo so now I am almost back to where I started and that was about 2 years ago.
    Be thankful that you lost so much...and congratulations. Pam
    1891 days ago
    1891 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    Sagging skin will get better. I know a girl who has slowly gotten her folds to disappear. I will ask her how. Maybe shape wear too. I have those
    1891 days ago
    There is a lady here who shows on her blog how her really ugly belly fat was reabsorbed. It honestly is amazing. She does her photos in her birthday suit, so you see everything. Hopefully you can find it. emoticon
    1891 days ago
  • ROSE-100
    I use shape wear works pretty good and makes me feel better about myself. They have some very good brands out there.I'm not into having any operations to get rid of my extra skin.
    Same with my chin,God asked me what kind of chin I wanted,I thought he said gin,so I asked for a double and that's why I have 2 chins. emoticon

    1891 days ago

    1891 days ago
  • NICKI984
    I'm sorry you are feeling down but wouldn't you rather have some sagging skin than having to carry around the extra pounds? I would trade the weight I want to lose for the sagging skin anyday! On another note, I heard that those body wraps help with stuff like that but I don't actually know anyone who has used them. Maybe you can inquire about it? Cheer up! Things can only get better!
    1891 days ago
    I am sorry you are feeling down. Hang in there though and keep moving forward. God bless.
    1891 days ago
    Hang in there! It takes a long time for the skin to shrink to fit the new frame, but it WILL get better.

    1891 days ago
    I know I look a lot better with my clothes on! I don't have a huge amount of extra skin but it is "old" skin and not much hope of getting rid of it.
    1891 days ago
    1891 days ago
    I agree with the others. Getting the weight off puts us in a much healthier position.

    It is a much better trade off than being so heavy I couldnt do anything with my friends, or family, or ride my horse, or having to make excuses all the time to stay home.

    My body is changing too. Some parts I feel like look worse than before, but I know for real, it doesnt. I know things are deflating around other areas, which just makes it look worse temporarily.

    But I know it is part of the process. I am hoping that given time, things will go back into place. I have heard it takes a couple of years after you lose the weight. Sometimes it never does. I guess only time will tell for me, but I know one thing is for sure..... I do NOT want the weight back.

    I may not look good nekkid, but I look so much better with my clothes on than I did before, and I am so much healthier emoticon

    1891 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    It can be hard to take when we are inundated with image of thin, perfect women. But it is still worth it to eat better. It would be worse to feel unhealthy, too.

    One of my high school students has a severely malformed face, so much so that even I was shocked when I saw her, and I have been teaching high school for 15 years. She is supposed to have major surgery this summer and she is not looking forward to it because she says she is afraid she will look in the mirror and not recognize herself. She doesn't long for beauty! I envy her that she is more comfortable with how she looks now even when deviated so far from the cultural norm.
    1891 days ago
    1891 days ago
    I so know how you feel and I know nothing w can say will help or make you feel better. ! I am almost 62 and have that cause I waited so long to lose and now I have the lose skin but nothing short of surgery will help but you have to love your body no matter what cause you are beauitiful !
    1891 days ago
    You should be very proud of yourself! Try to remember all you have accomplished so far and will when all the weight is gone. emoticon
    1891 days ago
    I'm sorry you are feeling so down. I know that the exercise will help and you are doing such a great job you should be very proud!
    1891 days ago
    You are a beautiful person no matter how you look. Surgery isn't a bad idea either, one day you will be truly happy with your weight, and then you can worry about surgery to help you feel better. Infections aren't that common. Don't worry. It will be okay.


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    1891 days ago
    Oh, I'm so sorry you're feeling down about your body. I'm not sure if you wil find this helpful, but I'll share my personal experience:
    My skin hangs too.
    Every day when I look at it, I say to myself "but I'm healthier".

    No I don't look like I'd like to look and I know it's b/c I chose to wait too long to battle my food addiction.

    1891 days ago
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